PDF Unlimited: An all-in-one PDF Editor and Converter


If you work on a computer, then you must have a list of software and tools that can help you accomplish your work tasks. Tools such as MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Calculator, and many more are important.

If we talk about the present times, the importance of digital files is more valuable than papers. To help you ease with papers, here’s a useful platform called PDF Unlimited. Let’s collect some useful information about this tool and its uses.

What is PDF Unlimited?

PDF Unlimited is an all-in-one platform for PDF files. The platform contains a variety of tools to handle your PDF-related tasks. You can merge PDF files, can delete particular pages from the PDF files, and much more.

The need for PDF files is increasing day by day. Unlike the editable documents created on MS Word, people now use PDF files which are images of documents that can’t be edited like Word Files.

PDF files are independent files that are hard to edit. However, when you use PDF unlimited tools, you can easily merge multiple PDF files or can delete specific pages from the documents.

When you search on the web for the same tools, you will have to pay for their services. Some providers ask you to subscribe for their services which you may not want as you will not be requiring their services for the future.

Well, PDF Unlimited offers free tools to merge files and delete pages. You will not be asked to pay or subscribe to their services. Just open the tool, add files and merge them instantly. Let’s see how you can make use of these free tools offered by PDF Unlimited.

Merge PDF

There comes a time when you have to combine multiple PDF documents into one single file. This is when you need a PDF file merging tool that can help you merge multiple PDF files so that you can present it as a single document instead of multiple docs.

PDF Unlimited’s Merge PDF tool serves as an easy interface that can help you merge multiple PDF files quickly. You can merge PDF files with the simple steps given below.

How to Merge PDF files?

While merging or combining PDF files using the Merge PDF tool, you don’t require any special tool. This free-to-use tool is open for all types of users. The following steps will show you how you can merge multiple PDF files online.

Step 1: Open PDF Merge tool

Go to the official website of PDF Unlimited and select the PDF Merge tool.

Step 2: Choose Files

Now, click on the Choose Files button to browse the PDF files for merging from your desktop. Click the Open button when you finish adding PDF files.

Step 3: Merge PDFs and Download

After adding the files, click the Merge PDFs and Download button given at the upper right corner of the page. From this page, you can add additional files or can start the merging process from the scratch.

That’s it! This is how you can merge multiple PDF files using the PDF Merge tool from PDF Unlimited. Likewise, you can delete pages from a single PDF document using the Delete Pages from PDF tool. Let’s see how does this tool work!

Delete Pages from PDF

When you want to delete specific pages from a PDF document, you can make use of Delete Pages from the PDF tool. Head over to this link to launch this tool offered by PDF Unlimited.

Step 1: Open the Delete Pages from the PDF Tool

Click the above-given link to open the tool.

Step 2: Choose File

Click on the Choose File button to add the PDF file from which you want to delete pages.

Step 3: Select the Pages to Delete

Now, you will see the list of pages with their thumbnails. Just select the pages you want to delete from the main document and then click the Download Modified PDF button from the upper right corner of the page.

The modified PDF file will be downloaded to your desktop. The modified PDF will not have the pages selected by you as the selected pages are deleted by the tool as per your command.

Final Words:

PDF Unlimited is undoubtedly the best platform for all PC users as the platform offers a variety of tools to work with PDF files. You can merge multiple PDF files, delete pages from PDF files, or split a single PDF file as per your needs using the Split PDF tool. Try out thee tools and let us know about your views!

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