Microsoft’s GitHub back online after two-hour outage


(IANS) Microsoft-owned open-source developer platform GitHub is back online after experiencing a more than two-hour-long outage, affecting thousands or potentially millions of developers that rely on its many services.

GitHub started experiencing issues at around 3.45 p.m. ET on Saturday, with Git operations, API requests, GitHub actions, packages, pages, and pull requests all affected, reports The Verge.

“We are investigating errors affecting most GitHub services,” said an incident update on the GitHub status page.

“We are actively investigating and will provide an update as soon as possible,” it added.

While Git operations, API requests, webhooks, pull requests, GitHub actions, GitHub packages, and GitHub pages were down for more than two hours, these services are now fully back online, the report said.

GitHub is now home to more than 73 million developers that rely on the service for version control via Git and hosting for software development, it added.

GitHub is a large code repository that has become very popular with developers and companies hosting entire projects and code on the service. Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and many other big tech companies use GitHub.

There are more than 100 million repositories hosted on GitHub, so any outages impact a large amount of organisations.

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