Microsoft Xbox app to soon let you install PC games freely


(IANS) Tech giant Microsoft will reportedly finally allow Windows users to install PC games from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC to any folder of their choice with unrestricted access.

According to The Verge, the move will allow PC gamers to access the folders of games and modify them freely, or let Windows users move games freely to any folders or drives of their choice.

The changes are part of an Xbox app update for Windows that’s currently being tested internally, citing sources, the report said.

The Xbox app update will finally address a big pain point of installing games from Xbox Game Pass for PC, where players would run into issues with the Microsoft Store, the restricted WindowsApps folder, or just the inability to fully control where games were installed.

While Microsoft has supported mods for certain titles in the Microsoft Store previously, opening up the folder access to games will now enable more games to support mods without players needing to enable this in games.

The Microsoft Store has traditionally restricted access to where games are installed using Windows-based folder permissions that make it difficult to backup games or move them freely, the report said.

Other PC game launchers like Steam or allow players to backup games and restore and verify them.

Microsoft’s new Xbox app update includes an option to verify and repair files, which will presumably be used to support backing up games. There are also new options to browse to where files are installed, change the drive where games are installed and pick custom folders for installs.

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