Libra Weekly Horoscope 28th November– 4th December 2021

Love and Relationships

Things may improve around midweek. Some of you may not be able to give the required time to your beloved ones initially, and hence you may miss several opportunities and moments. You may need to stand up against these petty quarrels and talk it out together. Although your strong love bond may help you to overcome these obstacles. You may go out on dates, and your respect towards each other may increase. Especially if your engagement date is following during the week, make sure you don’t miss the same. As this may bring a serious repercussion on your relationship.


A fruitful time for academics. The duration may seem favorable for those who may be preparing for competitive or entrance examinations. If you may have been aiming to get admission to the desired college or institute for higher education you may get success around midweek. However, in case you tend to get overconfident or decrease your efforts and hard work, there may be chances of situations getting backfired. This may slow your progress rate. But as the saying goes, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, academic success may have always been valuable for you and may remain the same throughout the week.


This week may be average in terms of health. You may encounter major health issues which may become a reason for worry. There may be a physical weakness because of excess work and routine. But if you improve your routine habits you may get rid of all health problems. You may repeatedly suffer from physical ailments like cough and cold and hence may need to take care of your eating habits. Take a pledge to change your routine and start going for morning walks. Fresh air and greenery may help you to inhale a healthy amount of oxygen and bring positivity to your fitness levels.


The forthcoming week may be beneficial for you from an economic perspective. Therefore, prepare well and do not let any opportunity slip away from your hands. You may be at an advantage as you may complete a work that was stuck for a long time. Besides, natives working in international firms or overseas businesses may earn huge profits. This situation may expand further in the midweek as you are likely to gain money through multiple sources. Hence, keep an eye and try to follow a budget. Overall, the period may strengthen your financial side.


During the week most of you may perform well in your respective fields. Your efforts may get noticed by your seniors and you may receive appreciation for the same. Efficiency in decision making may help you to successfully move forward in your endeavors. As compared to previous week earnings there may be an increase in your income. On the other hand, those who bet their money are likely to benefit this week. However, it may be advisable for you to refrain from shortcuts to enhance your income. Businessmen may face business-related issues in the initial part of the week, but as time progresses your situation may improve.

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