Let’s Talk About the Double Chin, and What Really Causes It

Double Chin

We all know the double chin. It shows up when we want it least; when we smile in photos, when we laugh, or when we see our reflection on our laptops.

Double chins are generally considered to be unflattering by those who have them and can contribute to a lack of confidence and poor self-body image.

While diet and exercise are widely considered the solution to solving a double chin, this isn’t the case. Weight isn’t the only contributing factor to having a double chin, and many slender or in shape people have them as well. Some even seek double chin surgery to combat the issue when other solutions have failed. But what causes this condition to begin with anyway?

Here are a few of the leading causes of a double chin.


As we age, our body begins to stop its production of collagen. When this happens, our skin begins to lose tension and elasticity. Subsequently, our skin begins to sag and droop. This only gets more pronounced as we age. This happens everywhere, from the eyelids to cheeks and jowls, and of course, the jawline and chin. This loose skin can create the appearance of a double chin, despite not having fat underneath the skin. The effects of this aging appearance can be reduced with proper skincare or cosmetic surgery or contrarily worsened by poor habits like excessive sun exposure, alcohol, and smoking.

Bad Posture

We live in an excessively digital age. People are constantly looking down at their phones and computers, especially during the pandemic when these technologies have been our leading sources of work and social connection. But besides causing neck pain, eye strain, and back issues, the constant staring downward takes a toll on your face. With our heads facing downward, gravity puts more pressure on your face and neck, including the muscles which connect to your chin. This can accelerate the appearance of double chins, as it now has added pressures pulling it to the forefront.

Weight Gain

When people lose weight, something they hear most often is, “Wow, you can really see it in your face.” This is because weight gain is one of the most common causes of a double chin. When weight is gained, fat accumulates over the body; however, the fat doesn’t always distribute evenly and can collect in more in some areas than others, including the face and chin. This can be especially noticeable if the person previously had a slender frame or a less pronounced jawline; In these cases, even small amounts of weight can be noticeable around the chin.


We’re all born differently, and our genetic code is our own. However, we inherit traits from our parents, and some of those traits can leave us with a disposition of physical features. Weak jawlines, recessive chins and predisposition to weight gain can all be inherited from our families. In weaker facial structures, double chins can form even on slender people, as the skin has less space to stretch over and thus is less tight. The loosened skin then gives the appearance of a double chin.

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