Leo Weekly Horoscope 7th November– 13th November 2021

Love and Relationships

Planetary influence may boost your love prospects this week. You may receive a proposal or intention of interest, though. Those who are committed to a love relationship may get support from your mate. There are chances that they may take their relationship to the next level. However, you are suggested to keep communication clear in your relationship, or else misunderstandings are likely to happen this week. It is best for you to have patience and let the time pass. Your strong emotional bond and sense of commitment may ultimately work well in helping you settle the issue.


Despite favorable planetary support, there are chances of problems during this week as you may be scattering your energies in many tasks or projects. Hence your results may remain below your expectations. Also, at times, your reckless approach may not allow you to get the desired results. You may realize your mistakes as the week progresses and may also make the necessary modification, but somehow, your performance may not match your actual potential this week. But, you are suggested to keep yourself motivated as it may help you regroup your energies and recover some of your lost grounds.


There may be some unknown stress on your mind, and that may make you feel somewhat uncomfortable with your health and energy levels during this week. It is best for you to give sufficient rest to your mind and physique both. It may bring gradual improvement, but you are suggested to adopt strict discipline to remain healthy this week. This week may bring some fluctuations in your health, and hence there may be some phases when you feel your energy level low. You may manage the issues efficiently and may also keep yourself active despite feeling a bit low.


Planetary influence may prompt you to think out of the box. You may be driven by the desire to succeed and accomplish something, and for this, you may be keen to think differently and innovatively. It is best for you to have confidence and find opportunities to take maximum advantage of it. You are suggested to go beyond obstacles and seek solutions to fulfill your vision. This week may help you to achieve your financial goals and likely to make your financial status strong and stable. There may not be many problems on the financial front, and you may enjoy all the necessary material comfort this week.


You may face stubborn challenges that may slow down your progress this week. They may hold you back from fulfilling your vision. You are suggested to work with dedication and discipline and wait for opportune moments to make the best out of it. You may feel low initially, but rest easy, the situation may get favorable this week. You are likely to remain busy and energized for long hours, though the situation may prove to be a bit of a dampener. So it is best for you to keep yourself motivated this week.

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