Leo Weekly Horoscope 28th November– 4th December 2021

Love and Relationships

A favorable week to enjoy the true colors of love and warmth in your life. It may be incorrect to say there may be no glitches as you may get angry with your partner or spouse at times. This may largely happen in the early part of the week. But, if you remain expressive and gentle, you may sail through unaffected. Listen to your loved ones and don’t be harsh on yourself. Give yourself some time to review, reevaluate past happenings. Make sure you keep all your connections alive. The weekend may bring favorable times which may help to overcome all such major issues and experience joy and happiness in your life.


The week may be an important period when you must step up with your efforts and prove your talents. You may have to take on the challenge. With planetary support to make progress, situations may seem demanding around midweek. You may have no other options but to bear the load yourself or positively deal with things. Amid stiff challenges, you may carve a path for yourself in a new direction and are likely to achieve success in the end.


Your resistance power and immune system may remain strong in the phase. However, some stress and anxiety may engulf you around midweek. This may cause uneasiness as you may feel low with your energy levels at times. You are advised to avoid taking too much burden and also be careful while driving around this time. However, your health and fitness levels may gradually improve and you may feel energized with good levels of stamina and strength towards the end of the week.


Movement of planets may set the stage for an increase in the inflow of money during the week. If you learn to manage your finances wisely there may be an increase in your wealth. You are advised to refrain from major financial involvements around midweek. Barring some minor issues, positive vibes of planets may also work well in ensuring stability in monetary affairs. It may also help to repay your past debts. If you are inclined to own a residential place or wish to start a major renovation project, you may be supported by planets this week. But you may spend more money than you may have planned so manage your budget accordingly.


During the week, you may be trying to make up for the mistake you may have committed earlier. However, the planets may not allow the smooth functioning of routine activities. Be careful, as luck may not favor you entirely. Businessmen may experience glitches in finalizing a deal. Keep an open mind and keen ears. Learning is always a tough task, but you may do fine! The latter part of the week may have far-reaching positive effects, but at the moment, things may seem slow. Hang on as this week may be good for considering your position rather than making any big advances.

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