Leo Weekly Horoscope 14th November– 20th November 2021

Love and Relationships

The planetary influence may be auspicious for relationships and may help to resolve the matters related to personal life. This may help you hold on to old and existing relationships, and may also aid fostering of new relationships. These equations may be for all sorts including, emotional, social, and professional ones. However, you are suggested to be careful when you enter into a new friendship or relationship with unfamiliar individuals during this week. Rest easy, the week is favorable to make vital decisions regarding your relationship.


Your performance may remain progressive during this week. You may see a favorable time after some complications this week. You may have the ability to build it up again once this bumpy ride may get over. You may soon realize your mistakes and are likely to make the necessary modifications this week. As a result, you may achieve great success in your education and also fare well enough in the examination this week. You are likely to reward well for your dedication and focused efforts during this week.


This week may remain favorable for your health and fitness. However, there are chances that your low resistance or weak immune system may make you prone to some seasonal health problems during this week. Rest easy, there may not be anything vital, though, and you may be endowed with great stamina in the end. You may remain highly motivated to improve your fitness levels, and your awareness of a healthy diet and regular exercise may help to keep yourself away from health problems during this week.


You are likely to be aware of your responsibilities and may work towards attaining your immediate goals. But you are suggested to be careful as your expenses may increase this week. You may make financial decisions, driven purely by the instinct, but it is best for you to avoid this. Your hasty decisions may land you in trouble. You may look for long-term prospects while making any decisions that may have far-reaching effects. There are chances of disruptions in your financial plans due to some unexpected expenses this week. You are suggested to have rock-solid planning for managing the issues related to money.


You may feel comfortable with your position and tasks entrusted. There may be no rush to meet pressing deadlines or battle with a demanding boss. However, the planetary influence may bring hurdles on your way of progress. You are suggested to learn how to cope with this phenomenon in the coming week. The strong, cohesive forces of benefic planets may help you sail satisfactorily this week. It is best for you to remain attentive about some complicated issues. Your smart moves and efficient handling of some tricky situations may help you to strengthen your position in the end.

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