Korean Plastic Surgery: How it has impacted the world

photo of medical professionals wearing personal protective equipment
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

South Korea, an economically blooming country, has now also become a trendsetter in the Asian region. Globally too, it has impacted millions of people with their music, culture and fashion. Whether its K-pop, theatre or plastic surgery, South Korea is setting the tone for every trend.

Korean plastic surgery industry is a more than 5-billion-dollar industry. The moment you enter the Seoul airport, banners and posters promoting plastic surgery can be seen. These advertisements dominate every billboard in the country. The television, internet, newspaper promote this Korean plastic surgery trend. The trend is so crazy that young high school graduates receive plastic surgery as a gift for graduating. Isn’t it bizarre to see how people are so infatuated with looks?


A plastic surgeon in Korea, revealed in an interview, that when submitting a job resume, the applicants also require to send a picture along. Upon being asked why, he revealed that good grades do not matter as much as looks. “Everyone has a good academic score and that is not enough. That is where looks come into play. You need to look beautiful to secure employment in South Korea.” This obsession with beauty and Korean plastic surgery has raised some serious concerns all over the world.


The western countries have raised concerns over Asians wanting to look more like the westerners. Yet, Koreans seem to be aggravated by this statement and completely deny it. They are of the opinion that it is the egocentric projection of the west that makes them believe that everyone wants to be like them. The skin whitening procedure, popular in South Korea, is a longstanding practise in Korea and has no connection whatsoever to look white or Caucasian.

While the west appreciates stronger jawlines, Koreans welcome slimmer jawlines. High protruding cheekbones are acceptable in the west, flat cheekbones are in Korea. East Asia has its own beauty standards and has no relation to the western beauty standards as the west likes to think.

Korean plastic surgery commercials mostly target the female audience, pursuing them to get the surgery. As a result, more than 43 percent of the female population get surgical treatments before the age of 20.

Korean plastic surgery attracts audience from all around the world. This number rose in 2018. Over $189 million is the amount of money extracted from foreign patients. This is almost more than 4 times than that of 2012.

Some surgeries extremely famous and having a growing audience are:

  1. Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty is the surgery of the nose
  2. Surgery for the eyes – This surgery is performed to construct visually bigger eyes that are considered beautiful
  3. Jaw and face contouring – The overall shape of the face, jaw and cheekbone are treated in this surgery
  4. Surgeries to prevent ageing – Looking old at a young age can be embarrassing and this surgery is done to bring a youthful appearance 

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