Inverter Shopping 101: Where to Find the Best Inverter Battery in India?

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Shopping for an inverter battery requires you to be informed and aware of the variety of battery options available in the market. Doing so is essential so you can purchase a battery that’s able to meet your power requirements and keeps serving you for years with a very low cost of ownership. Therefore, you need to have some knowledge about inverter batteries to choose the best inverter battery in India

Like every consumer, a battery is unique and has its own strong and weak points; therefore, you need to keep a few things in mind to create that perfect list of batteries that are the absolute best in their class. Additionally, it’s also important to find how and where to find the best battery, so let’s get started: 

Frequency and Duration of Power Cuts

The type of battery you choose must meet your power requirements, and you should choose a battery according to the power situation in your area. Therefore, keep in mind the duration and frequency of power cuts to pick a battery that can provide adequate power. 

For instance, if you face longer and fewer power cuts, a tubular battery would be the best option. However, if the duration of power cuts is erratic in nature, i.e., shorter and frequent power cuts, then you should get yourself a flat-plate while gel batteries are suitable for both situations GEL battery. 

Calculate Your Load

Calculating your load requirements is critical for getting an adequately powered battery for your home. First, list down all the appliances that would be running off the auxiliary power unit and then calculate the overall load required to keep them running during power cuts.

Once you have that figured out, look for a battery with the required load capacity to handle that requirement by checking its Ah or Ampere-Hour capacity. As a rule of thumb, get a battery that’s slightly overpowered than your actual requirement so that in case you add more appliances in the future, your battery would be in a better position to handle the additional load. You can also use an online load caclulator to figure out your total load requirement before investing in an inverter battery. 

Type of Battery 

You can choose between GEL, tubular, and flat plate batteries, depending on your specific requirementsFor example, flat plate batteries are low-cost, require minimal maintenance, and are great for shorter and frequent power cuts.   Whereas a lead-acid tubular battery is a high-performance battery that is great for areas with longer and fewer power cuts. On the other hand, GEL batteries are maintenance-free, eco-friendly, and suitable for residential areas with frequent power cuts. 

So, choose a battery that best fits your power scenario. 

Now coming back to the question, where to find the best inverter battery in India? Once you are sure about your requirements, there are three ways you can do so:

Brand’s Website

If you are loyal to a specific brand or have a battery in mind that belongs to a particular brand, exploring their website is the easiest way to compare and buy batteries. Apart from being convenient, this will save you hours that would be otherwise spent browsing through hundreds of inverter batteries. 

E-commerce Websites

Heading to an e-commerce site would be a great choice if you are still contemplating a battery and would rather prefer to explore products across brands. As all the major e-commerce sites feature hundreds and even sometimes even thousands of products across categories, this approach will let deep dive into the features and specifications of various inverter batteries across multiple brands. 

Offline Purchase

If you are someone who likes to examine and observe products before making the purchase, then this is the best way of getting a battery for your home. Plus, visiting an offline store gives you a feeling of being in control of the situation since you can individually shortlist products by checking their build quality. Even though it’s time-consuming, sometimes offline shopping tends to be the best way of finding a product.

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