How to Sharpen a Cigar Cutter

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A cigar cutter is probably one of the most crucial cigar accessories, considering how many times you have to use one. It does the job, but over time, the blades can get dull and blunt, which, if not attended to, will result in imperfections affecting your cigar cutter’s effectiveness. You’ll particularly notice this when cutting different types of cigars. 

When you notice jagged edges on the head of your cigar, it may be time to sharpen your cigar. But, how you do it will determine whether you improve the effectiveness of the cutter or deteriorate its quality. 

Some cigar cutters are not worth the effort of sharpening, and you may need to replace them. But, if you have invested in a high-quality cutter, you can sharpen and preserve the blades for a longer time. 

How to Sharpen the Blades?

Cigar cutter blades do not need professional sharpening, which does not hurt once in a while. But, they often need a buff to sharpen and deliver a quality cut on your cigar. This buffing process is referred to as deburring, which you can do at home with readily available materials. 

Deburring the cutter smooths imperfections resulting from blunt blades. You can use aluminum or tin foil to scour the edges and straighten them to what they once were. This process also clears cigar oils and tobacco buildup on the cigar cutter restoring it to full functionality. 

You can deburr your cigar cutter several times before needing professional sharpening. This is inexpensive and helps keep your cutter in optimal functionality for a longer time. 

Before you start deburring, you may need to clean the cigar cutter to remove any buildup and enhance the deburring process. Use a cotton swab or a damp cloth to wipe the cutter paying attention to the blades. 

If your cutter has a lot of buildup and dirt, soak it in a cup of hot water for a while. This will lift off the dirt and melt the cigar oils making it easy to wipe off. Then use a clean cloth to dry it before you start deburring.

Step 1: Grab aluminum or tin foil and roll up a small size. You should roll it up to a cigar shape and make sure it is at least 30 cm long. 

Step 2: Take the cutter and cut through the aluminum foil roll. Cut as many times as possible, making sure the aluminum foil comes into contact with every part of the blade as you cut. You may need to move the cigar cutter up and down to ensure all parts of the blades get deburred. 

Depending on how dull or blunt your cigar cutter is, you may need to get an additional roll of aluminum foil. The idea is to ensure the blade gets maximum deburring to clear any buildup and straighten any bent edges and other imperfections. 

Cleaning and sharpening your cigar cutter is pretty simple, but you have to stay on top of its maintenance to keep it functional. Clean your cigar as soon as you notice buildup on the blades and deburr it after a few uses to keep the blades sharp. 

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