How to save money on a long car journey

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If you are thinking of embarking on a lengthy car journey, then you will be bracing yourself for the cost of fuel, accommodation, as well as the price of highway snacks, which are often very pricey. 

However, you shouldn’t be worried, because there are a number of different ways you can cut costs on a long car journey.

You could, for instance, share the cost of fuel and other expenses with your passengers, if you are travelling with friends or colleagues. Alternatively, you could pack your own food, which saves you the trouble of buying expensive snacks from gas stations or highway cafes. 

If the journey is particularly long, you may want to stop to rest at a certain point. While you may dream of a luxurious bed, it will likely cost a lot of money. If you only need a power nap, there is always the option of bringing a pillow along and sleeping in the car.

This is how to save money on a long car journey:

Share the driving without breaking the bank

When driving a long way, it can be sensible to share the driving with another person. This way, you can ensure that you won’t get too tired and concentration won’t waver. Of course, you will need to get insurance so that the other person driving is insured to drive your car. You might be concerned about how much this could cost you, but if you are able to reach out to a company that rewards its safe drivers, you could find yourself getting car insurance at a very reasonable rate. If you live in El Paso, make sure to look at Root Insurance, a favored car insurance company that offers El Paso auto insurance based on how good a driver you are and not demographics. This way, you can share the driving without being concerned about how much it will eat into your motoring budget for the trip. 

Share the fuel cost with your passengers

One of the most substantial costs on a long car journey is that of fuel. There’s no getting around this – although the fuel economy of your car will significantly impact how much you have to pay. 

A great way to reduce this necessary outlay is to ask your passengers to chip in with paying it. By sharing the cost of fuel, you will make the journey far more affordable and help distribute the costs more fairly. 

Of course, you should flag this up before you leave. There’s nothing worse than a penny-pinching friend who suddenly asks for fuel money after you have arrived at your destination. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth and can come across as disrespectful.

Instead, discuss the possibility openly before you leave and allow everyone to have their say.

Sleep in the car

Tiredness kills, which is why sleep breaks are so important on long journeys. 

Naturally, if you are seriously fatigued and need a full-night’s rest, you should pay for a hotel room. However, if you are just drowsy and want to close your eyes for half an hour in order to revitalize yourself, then sleeping in the car is a cheaper alternative.

Make sure you park in a safe place and bring a pillow along to prevent you from getting a sore neck. 

Pack your own food

Another way to save money when you drive a long distance is to pack your own food and drink.

When you inevitably get hungry and thirsty, you can end up spending a frightening amount of money on food and beverages you find at gas stations or highway cafes.

Instead, prepare a few bites to eat, which will keep you going until you arrive at your destination.

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