How to Hire a Technical Writer the Right Way


Having found the perfect technical writer for your business is like being thrown a lifeline at. A technical writer also called a technical communicator is a person whose task is to transfer information through any medium that best facilitates the transfer and comprehension of the information. The most used medium that best facilitates such transfer as of today is the social media and internet simply due to the fact that it has a really vast reach. No matter who it is, or where they are from, they are always connected to the internet; there is no denying that unless of course, they have been living under a rock or in North Korea.

Businesses hire these professionals to help them put up a great brand image as well as make sales. There are technical writers for hire. The real hassle is to be able to find the right one who will help you achieve your business goals.

 Are you looking for technical writers and have no idea what exactly to look for in them? We have compiled a list of traits to look for in a technical writer.

Following are the 10 things to look for when hiring a technical writer: 

1) Integrity:

Integrity has to be hands down the first component in the list. It is the foremost thing to look for when hiring, whether for the position of a technical writer or for any other post in the hierarchical chain; because it is not possible to supervise each and every employee at all times. Hence it is important to ensure these people work properly and responsibly as well as meet the deadlines without having someone oversee them.

2) Robust Grammar Skills:

A technical writer must have unmatched grammar skills. He must be a master at the art of tailoring sentences, as well as the craft of “which words to use, were” in order to present what he has been meaning to. Though it is obvious, worth mentioning that where the technical writer is required for documents in a language other than English as well, he needs to have a grip over that language and its grammar too.

3) Good Listener:

No matter how good a technical writer is, if he can not listen and understand the tasks given to him, it is of no absolute use. The technical writer must have the ability to recognize the kind of statement the business wants to make through his writing, what kind of target audience he needs to write for, for instance, choice of words targeting common men is going to be very different from the choice of words to be used while communicating with executives (based on their calibers). Therefore it is important that the candidate listens, understands, and works accordingly.

4) Ability to Adapt:

Writing is an art and not exactly a Science, it is not set in stone unlike Newton’s laws of gravitation. Therefore, a technical writer needs to have the ability to adapt easily to changing environments in order to accommodate the company. He needs to be able to change with your business to stay relevant.

5) First-rate interpersonal skills:

Technical writing can usually be all about writing easily decipherable write-ups from gathered information. Therefore, half their jobs may revolve around extracting information, resulting in the requirement to communicate as well. These people need to be extremely confident, amicable, and excellent at interpersonal skills to be able to extract information well since it would then directly impact the other half of their work, which is conveying what they have gathered.

6) Industry Specific Knowledge or Skills:

Some businesses wish to hire individuals with specialized industry-specific knowledge and skill sets so that they have the requisite in-depth knowledge that needs execution from the very beginning.

7) Required Design Set:

Technical documents do not necessarily need to consist of writing only; they may consist of illustrations as well as require specific formatting in order to convey a concept clearly, free of all ambiguity. Therefore it is important that the individual hired for the task of technical writing must be well-versed with the layout skill set as well.  This makes text easier to read like below:

8) Logical and Organized:

A technical writer’s organization skills are no less important than his layout and writing skills. He needs to be great with logically organizing his ideas in a way that makes sense to the users. Technical documents need to be very straightforward and to-the-point therefore writers of these documents need to master the art of simplification of text to something concise and easy to understand.

9) Innovation:

In today’s digital time where everything is changing each passing second, an innovative technical writer is all you need to provide you with website content writing services because the web is where you need this trait to stand out when there are a million new postings every minute. In order to really stand out, the ideas need to be original and creative because novelty can be a source of attraction to people as well.

10) Desire to improve and learn new Skills:

Individuals with drive and passion can be very fascinating creatures and can really add value to your business. Driven people never get tired of learning new skills; they have a very positive outlook on things and think of their mistakes as opportunities to learn. This is the reason why in case something does not feel right, these people would not hesitate for a moment before redoing the task, nor will it put a grin on their faces. 

Technical writers help construct the communication structure of your business, as they are responsible for a lot of correspondence, hence it is necessary that you are well equipped with the expertise needed to distinguish a good technical writer from a great one.

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