Google to allow alternative payment system from next month in S. Korea


(IANS) Google has announced that it will provide an alternative payment system at its app store in South Korea from next month in an apparent move to follow the country’s new law that bans app market operators from forcing the use of their own payment systems.

“Developers can now accept payments for in-app purchases from mobile and tablet users in South Korea with an alternative in-app billing system in addition to Google Play’s billing system,” said a latest post on the Google Play Policies website.

The changed policy, which takes effect from December 18, will give choice to local app developers between a third-party payment system and its own in-app billing system at its Google Play Store.

The move came as the new law went into effect in the country in September, restricting app store operators such as Google and Apple from forcing their in-app payment systems on developers.

South Korea was the first country to introduce such curbs on global tech giants’ in-app billing policies, which have been increasingly under scrutiny around the world, reports Yonhap news agency.

Google and Apple have required developers on their app stores to use their proprietary payment systems that charge fees of up to 30 per cent when users purchase digital goods within apps.

Developers around the world have questioned app market operators’ exclusive in-app payment systems, opposing their relatively high commissions and demanding that they should be able to freely use other systems.

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