Gift Ideas for Friends Who Are Moving Away

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You might find it hard to shop for going-away presents. This is true, especially if you’re going to look for one you’ll give to a close friend. You’ll want to give them something that’ll remind them of your friendship. 

Giving a present to your friend is a wonderful gesture to commence the farewell. This can also help you surpass the suspicious seven-year friendship myth if you believe in that. But whatever your reason is, you need to find something meaningful for both of you.

With that in mind, here are some of the best going-away gifts you can give your friend:

Things That Establish Connections

Some friends are used to seeing each other every day. You might have that kind of friendship with your pal. In that case, it’ll be harder for you to adjust when distance separates you. What you can do is shop for presents that’ll give you two a way to communicate constantly.

If you’ve ever heard of long-distance friendship lamps, you might want to check them out. You can buy them in pairs. These lamps have Wi-Fi, so every time you touch the lamp, the other lamp will light up. Another item you can consider is a long-distance friendship locket. These lockets can store digital photos and have NFC. To view the stored pictures, your friend can scan the locket using their phones. Their phones will then display photos of your precious memories.

Stuff They Cannot Easily Lose

Giving your friends some of the most commonly lost items might not be a good present. You’ll want to provide them with something that represents your friendship with them. Something that they shouldn’t lose.

There are many things that you can give your departing friend that they won’t quickly lose. For example, you can give them a piece of furniture and have it delivered to where they’re moving. Maybe a stool or a cable-hiding table will do. If your friend has expressed that they want to adopt pets, give them a pet collar. Or you can help them adopt a pet if you’re going to go the extra mile. They will remember you every time they see these gifts. The good thing is, these gifts will always remind them of the fond memories they had with you.

Welcoming Gifts

Your friend might need some help when moving into a new place. You will be away from each other, but this doesn’t mean you cannot do something to help your friend. Give them comfort while on the adjustment period. You can gift them with a week’s supply of meal kits. With this, buying and preparing food will be one less worry while they’re fixing their new place.

You can also give them a present that represents the place where they’ll be settling in. Say a framed map of the state or a cute shirt that shows some of the city’s trademarks. Moving to a new place might be a little stressful for your friend. It’s important to let them know that you’re with them even while they’re adjusting.

Coordinated Accessories

What is a better way to celebrate a friendship than having coordinated accessories? Matching accessories give you and your friend an item you both can cherish. If your friend is moving to a place with a different time zone, gift them a watch with multiple time zones. They can effortlessly glance at their watch and see if you’re still awake for a late-night talk. You can also buy a pair of simple silicone bracelets they can wear wherever they go.

Interlocking rings will also do because rings aren’t just for couples. You can also go “full best friend” mode with a necklace. Attach pendants with your initials on them. Celebrate your bond every morning with similar coffee mugs if you both like coffee. There are many things you can buy in pairs. Give the other to your best friend before they leave town. You two might not be blood-related, but these gifts can make you both feel like you are twins by heart.


Sounds a little strange, right? But hold that thought. Appliances are one of the most practical gifts for people who are moving to another place. Help them start their mornings in their new homes with a coffee maker. You can also gift them the trendiest air fryer in the market. This can make cooking easier for them.

A portable fan can be useful if they’re moving to a place where the climate is a little humid. Is your friend moving to a college dorm? Gift them a ramen cooking machine for instant hot soup. Appliances are a part of adulthood. If they’re going to start a new life somewhere, better give them things they can actually use for their everyday lives.

Your friend leaving town might be a sad day for you both. But with these gift ideas, you can keep your bond alive—and help them cook their breakfast while they’re at it.

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