Gemini Weekly Horoscope 28th November– 4th December 2021


Love and Relationships

You are a unique and special creation of God and nobody has the right to corner you. If you may feel so, put your points subtly and gracefully through your actions. The situation may take a turn. Your partner may understand you. At present, your love may be distracted by surroundings but as tough situations arise you may understand their worth. Partners may be willing to work together and settle down with each other. Married couples may spend quality time together. This may enhance mutual understanding and combined efforts by the two of you.


Academically this may be a good week. Students in the research field may be able to break the ice. The phase may be the one that may have to convince your mentors to enable you to complete your thesis. A perfect period for students to make sure they complete theory work without leaving it half baked. Support your research with real and achievable goals, which may easily enable you to meet like-minded friends. You may stand to gain with most of them. Learn to get humble even when you are high in gains.


You may have to consult a healthcare expert for some fitness-related issues. However, if you don’t pay heed to their advice you may land into some serious health trouble. Therefore, do not ignore minor health issues and investigate them closely. With proper care, you may maintain a fit lifestyle and succeed in keeping diseases at bay. Timely medical assistance may help to prevent future health complications. Follow your doctor’s advice. However, meditation and a healthy diet may help you to recover from ailments that may bother you during the week.


Take investments more seriously this week. You may do well in money and finance. Invest in real estate and property as the returns may be high and you may get interested in procuring good gains through various investments during the week. Try not to engage in any dealing which may have shades of grey. As you may lose focus and get into dealings that may bring disputes. Again, keep investing in already online weekly investments. However, making the same level of investments again may not be easy in the coming days. You may have to toil harder


A proactive nature may keep you at the top of everything as you may get at the center of all activities. Doing well all may be your motto for the week. Just maintain your pace and keep moving forward as you may to still achieve a lot. Keep your work area clutter-free and check your documents from time to time. Do not get involved in too many activities that may affect your working life. Try your best not to displease your seniors after committing to complete the job, then defaulting much later. Keep yourself down to earth as it may open doors to a brighter future.

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