‘Freedom was given in alms’. Some agree and some get offended by this statement. Here is what you all need to know

Indian flag projected on the Matterhorn mountain in Swiss Alps. Photo: Instagram/ Zermatt Matterhorn

Recently, the furor was created by a statement given by Bollywood actress who is widely known for her impeccable acting, achievements and most importantly her dauntless statements. In an interview, she boldly stated that freedom which we are told we got in 1947, was given in alms, we got real freedom in 2014. Her statement quickly sparked a controversy in the country. Within few hours, the first response came out from Congress party which is excessively obsessed with her as she has publicly crumpled the image of the party oftentimes and expressed her profound reverence for the Prime Minister Modi. Congress party has an unbelievable penchant for attempting to muzzle everyone who musters courage to say anything against the party or questions the incidents that took place during Independence. Specially, the cordial rapport between congress leaders mostly Nehru and Gandhi with the British. 

Although congress and its decades old loyal journalists raised the issue, feigning unnecessary rage against the actress, yet it has slightly hit the nerve of nationalists to support her and questioned Congress party more vehemently. Was that really freedom? Freedom or just a game of devolving power to hide embarrassment which other nationalists who didn’t bow down to fictitious Ahinsa, created for the British? Was it pertinent that charkha made the British flee? Or was there any other pressure on them to leave after giving the power to bunglers who hungered for western lifestyle and lechery? A heap of questions! 

I believe our leaders who transcended all real heroes with maneuvers, glorified it as a victory, and their loyal lipspittles helped them become hero in the history and erased the existence of other people who gladly embraced gallows. India had lost its sons and daughters who fought unabated against the British, however the credit for independence was only given to a man with a Charkha who deliberately never raised voice against the British when they hanged revolutionaries. Therefore, His silence was rewarded by the British with profuse clemency. When other leaders like Lala Lajpat Rai had to face the lashes and bullets, Gandhi and his close ones were protected and jailed. Surprisingly, no bruise was seen on them. It explicitly insinuates the secret rapport between the British and Gandhi Nehru. Or the queen was too enamored with them to let her white men hit these loyal leaders. 

Freedom didn’t come just because one skinny man with protruding bones wrapping a white clothe around his waist, leaning on two girls, protested with a charkha against the British. Before Indians could feel the sense of being independent, freedom which they gave us on 15 August 1947, devoured millions of lives. Hindus were mercilessly murdered in various parts of India, while leaders with unbridled lust to rule the country celebrated this as freedom and relished sumptuous dishes with the Britishers whom our history tells us they coerced them to flee. The pictures in which the first Prime Minister of India was seen guffawing with Mountbatten and his wife, stifled the loud screams of people who lost their lives for this independence.

History has been a concubine of Congress party whoever they wanted to glorify, historians did with oodles of exaggeration, and shunned the heroes who sacrificed their lives for independence without any yearning to rule, or become an international idol of non violence. 

Within the knots of conspiracy, they stashed the harsh reality, and embedded their blatant lies in the annals to gladden the ones who purported that they purposely made the Britishers skedaddle from India, on the contrary, Gandhi and his ambitious peers relished and rejoiced the victory with the white women and men in the palaces built by the British. The soul of independence was still crawling on the boots of the Britishers, which our leaders picked up and locked in an exquisitely deigned coffer of alms, to beguile all Indians into believing that independence was taken from the Britain. 

The freedom we got in 1947 was categorically an uncooked dish, garnished with an immortal sense of serfdom, kept on the table that trampled on the sacrifices of real heroes who fought for independence and hanged from the gallows, for the newly sophisticated, and profligate leaders in western coats with unfathomable lust for the power given in alms by the British, in order to bob a curtsy to the queen forever. 

A letter written by Prime Minister Nehru on 28 April 1948 to the Queen Victoria, seeking her approval for the appointment of the governor general of India C.Raj Gopalachari, coherently unclothed the scorching fact that the British might have left India, endowing a sense of freedom in the hearts of Indians, but their last efforts of entrenching the sense of slavery in the minds of new inept, hungry rulers were successful. 

If we meticulously research this submissive behavior of so called independent leaders with the departed Britishers, a jagged reality hits us demonstrating that this freedom was factually a mirage which bewildered us for decades. A slew of questions is here to prod us with the nails of facts. If we were wholly independent, then what made Prime Minister Nehru seek approval from the Queen Victoria to appoint leaders? If it was just a decent gesture from newly spawned democracy towards the cruel, inhumane British government, then why Indians were fed lies like Gandhi with his destructive charkha made the British skedaddle?  Or this freedom was conditional, so our leaders who yearned to snatch high constitutional posts anyhow, nodded to be puppets of the Britain, and the queen ventriloquized them for decades?

Independence was born in the inky night of 15 August. And the dawn which heard the popular speech of first Prime Minister ‘tryst with destiny’, also witnessed the bloodbath of millions of people who were slyly bamboozled by dreams of freedom and their rights shown by congress leaders. While congress leaders celebrated the victory of independence, people floundered to survive on this land where they fought for independence. Roads and streets brimming with deserted, mutilated corpses, communal violence engulfing Hindus in Bengal, blood bedaubed walls of houses, India was in shambles, yelling for peace while our leaders danced with the Britishers who tore this glorious land into two nations. And one man whose teachings seemed utterly inane against the British, was given the sobriquet of the father of the nation, despite knowing the fact that India was not born in 1947, it was older than the western civilization. However, it all happened with well planned ruses, as Indians weren’t educated enough to question these leaders. Therefore, as they wanted they wrote the history and eulogized their acts and buried the real heroes in the graveyard of oblivion. Indian History is still waiting for its freedom from all the lies Congress filled it with. 

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