Does Universal reality exist?

aurora borealis
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From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy everything exists but cannot be seen or events happening cannot be experienced just by our material senses. We watch this beautiful material world growing with time, things getting easy and complicated at the same time. Any event happening around is relative, what might be a simple for one might not be that easy for another.

I am talking about this material reality we are in; I am talking of; how we all see and experience the events taking place in this reality differently?

Let’s try to understand this with the help of a small example; we all know, a human eye contains three types of colour-detecting cells, called cones, dogs have just two. Their cone cells are specialised for picking up certain colours. The range of colours an animal sees depends on the combination of colour-sensitive cells present and the processing of the received light by their brain.

With fewer cone types, dogs can’t distinguish between as many colours a human can.

Light (Electromagnetic waves) gives sensation of vision to a living creature. A light wave or an electromagnetic wave has different light spectrum with different wavelengths, our human eye can only detect visible region of light; made up of individual colours of rainbow, all other regions of Light spectrum are invisible to a healthy human eye. In fact, majority of the light in the universe is invisible to a normal human eye and what we can see is only a very small proportion of the electromagnetic spectrum. A normal healthy human eye can respond to the visible region of light wavelength ranging from about 380nm to about 750nm.

No doubts, human eyes are wondrous things, but they do have fundamental limits and limit is the visibility to only visible region of light. We cannot see the radio waves emanating from our electronic devices or ultraviolet rays approaching you. 

Insects have a trichromatic vision which allows them to perceive UV region, birds have well-balanced tetrachromatic vision that lets them see from UV up to extreme near-infrared, snakes have clear infrared vision, and there are many animals those have vision other than just visible region.

Don’t you think all the animals (including humans) see this material world differently? This vision is only the source to perceive the world that is around us and when this vision is not same, not universal then how can we say that a universal reality exists?

I think there can be two possibilities:

  1. Nothing like universal reality exists and we all see and experience the events happening in this material world differently based on the senses we have. 
  2. Universal reality exists but these material senses we posses are not enough to counter that universal reality.

Now, the question arises; are we all living in a simulation? Is this all an illusion? 

I think, what we are experiencing and living in; is an illusion. A universal reality does exist but above all this materiality and since our body is also a part of that reality, so it nearly impossible to experience the truth, that universal reality with these material senses.

As Explained by ‘Maharishi Patanjali’, in order to experience the universal reality (the truth), It is mandatory to rise above  this materiality and try to attach yourself with the universal energy of the universe with the help of “Ashtanga Yog” which includes yama (abstinences), niyama (observances), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), pratyahara (withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption).

We will learn about the Ashtanga Yog in some other article. 

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