Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 21st November– 27th November 2021

Love and Relationships

You may be happy and content in your love life this week. It may be a comfortable and wonderful phase for married couples and the natives who have recently come in a relationship. You would be genuine in expressing your love to your partner. This would create a better understanding between you and your beloved. The singles who are going to propose a special someone may get the expected answer soon. The week is also favourable for married couples who have been planning for their first child. There are chances of getting a marriage proposition if you are waiting for an alliance.


The week is likely to remain slow in your education. The previous week, you may have accepted the slow routine motion of studies. But this week may make you displeased as it may be a bit difficult to keep on with learning. Hence, you need to be focused and remain hopeful at any cost. It is crucial for you to work on enhancing your fundamental knowledge. Students undertaking Management studies would perform fairly this week. You are likely to revise your studies this week. This would boost your overall intellect and give you a good reputation in your friend circle.


Most natives of this zodiac sign are likely to be fond of having sweets. However, it is advisable to avoid this habit of eating sweets regularly as it may cause health problems. You may get disturbed due to some issues related to liver and kidney this week. But the situation may come under control once you take proper consultation. Pregnant women need to be extra cautious about their well-being and have a proper diet. Refrain from overindulging in a diet that is unhealthy this week. You must avoid outside food, as it can impact your health. Ensure that you stick to this discipline.


You would be in a satisfied and comfortable condition with a good flow of money this week. You may be extremely happy and excited as you may make some purchases for your family soon. You are likely to be at a high energy level. Rewards may come in financial forms mainly for your work, which may bring a good amount of money in your account. Sudden monetary gains are foreseen from a friend or relative during the weekend. This time is beneficial to optimise your savings to enhance your position. Businessmen may be settling down lucrative deals during this week.


If you are considering changing your job then careful and appropriate planning will be needed. It would be beneficial if you postpone it for sometime and wait for the perfect moment. You are likely to get great support from your work colleagues who may be in favour of you. There are also chances of getting help from an impactful person in professional matters, so you ensure that you use that option. Showing your dedication and loyalty would help you impress and motivate your superiors. Students should remain careful about their academics as this time may showcase your potential and skills in career.

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