Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 14th November– 20th November 2021

Love and Relationships

The coming week is likely to bring your love life back on track, and you may feel happy due to the changes happening around you. You and your partner are likely to have a good understanding of each other day by day. Your rapport with your partner may be improving gradually. The week may be suspicious for those who are married and planning for a kid. It may be a favorable time to deal with a metallic business. New alliances and foreign gains are likely to come to you this week. You are suggested to negotiate the deal wisely. It is best for you to take up that business trip to clinch the deal when needed.


The week is likely to be average for academics. Learning may be slow, and you may face challenges while preparing for exams. You may find it tough to concentrate on studies, and your retention is likely to be slow. But rest easy, this may continue for some time, and after that, you may progress. Those who are looking for extra classes to improve their academic preparations may do well this week. If you are not able to find a book to read for long, then this week may turn lucky. You are suggested to read books thoroughly after receiving them.


It is best for you to remain attentive towards your health and take medical consultation regularly this week. There are chances of some issues related to internal organs. You are suggested to avoid allowing your children to play on roads and around electrical appliances. It is best for you to follow the suggestion of your doctor and have a healthy diet. Some of your elder relatives may undergo surgery. You are suggested to have tried and tested methods if you are planning to follow a diet this week. This may help you to get the right fitness that you are seeking. It is best for you to have expert views instead of experimenting on yourself.


You may have to face some unwanted expenses, which may make you feel worried. Individuals in the trading and clothing industry may get some favorable opportunities this week. It may be a gloomy time for the natives in private companies, and they may not find favorable prospects. It is best for you to avoid making hasty decisions while investing in the share market or bonds. Speculative income may interest some of you, but you are suggested to avoid for the time being, as you may not earn profits. You are likely to do well if you are looking for safe heaves to invest in it.


It is best for you to have some changes in the routine of your professional life. You are suggested to adjust with it soon as it may bring some great opportunities for you ahead. In case you feel some discontent in your current job, rest easy and remain hopeful as some positive change is likely to come this week. You are suggested to be careful while going into the marketplace and try to look for a new position. There may be opportunities in store for you, so just be a little patient. You may have to work on your dream projects soon if you are working in the entertainment industry.

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