Cancer Weekly Horoscope 28th November– 4th December 2021

Love and Relationships

Your passion may run high during the week which may disturb your love life due to some temperamental issues. A feeling of lacking something in life may engulf you in the latter part of the week which may generate frustration, but it may also make you learn to analyze yourself and march forward with greater clarity. You may assert more prominently and may want to address the problem areas more positively. This may help you to lay the foundation for a more stable relationship and discover your inner strengths around the weekend.


Stars may work in your favor for the upcoming week but still, you may remain engaged with irrelevant matters here. Students may not spend enough time on studies and waste some important lectures on futile matters. This may slow your learning progress. Although, in the latter part of the week you may have a favorable time as you are likely to focus more on studies. This may help you to gradually improve your performance by the end of the week.


You may be able to maintain enthusiasm and peace of mind by engaging yourself in some physical activities or exercises. This may help to improve your health parameters. You may be endowed with great stamina during the latter half of the week. Your physical and mental endurance may also remain good which may help you to work for long hours. Though there may be nothing major adverse for your health during the period. Keep a tab on your eating habits and avoid all sorts of junk food and beverages. Be careful with your digestive system around the weekend.


Financial goodness may be present in the upcoming period. You may expect to have a much better inflow of money. There may be chances of monetary gains around midweek. However, in the last phase, you are likely to face some adverse situations which may affect your financial status. It may cause problems due to overindulgence and may waste your resources on unnecessary things. Therefore, you may need to avoid making large purchases lest you may find it difficult to cover your commitments.


The period may need you to sharpen your management acumen. Your intelligent moves are likely to help you get noticeable progress as desired for the week. There may be more clarity about how to proceed further in your career which may help to execute some important tasks well. A cool, calm, and composed approach may be required to manage your business around the weekend. The period may require you to be more cautious while handling business affairs in order to achieve your aims and objectives.

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