Cancer Weekly Horoscope 21st November– 27th November 2021


Love and Relationships

This week is about gaining a higher perspective about your life and relationships. You would understand how to use your experiences to feel more constructive in your relations. There is a likelihood of a new relationship, if you are not currently in a relationship. The last phase of the week may see you impatient and agitated more. It is advisable to be calm while discussing various significant matters with your partner during this period. The end of the week would be favourable. You are also likely to enjoy cheerful moments with your near and dear ones, along with your friends.


You may be able to learn things properly and memorise with effectiveness. Therefore, you are likely to advance ahead with motivation and also perform satisfactorily in exams. Focus may come easy, where you would be able to study for a stretch of long hours. This way, your productivity would also be enhanced. You would have the optimism to make the required progress efficiently. There are chances of progress in your educational interests during this week. This deems to be a favourable time to attempt competitive exams. It is foreseen that there are good chances of getting fruitful results during this phase.


There are chances of your health and fitness level improving during this week. This is due to your willingness to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. This phase would be favourable for health as well as recovering from past ailments. Your energies and vigour may be as per your expectations. No big health problems are predicted during this period. But, you are likely to feel a bit of uneasiness during the last part of the week. Hence, you are required to maintain your stress level properly and keep in mind that it does not hamper your mood during this week.


You are likely to make good earnings and your financial status may remain favourable during this week. The time around the mid of the week may bring some issues. Your hard work may fail to give worthy results and this can spoil your mood. But, the last phase of the week may bring beneficial results. There are chances of recovering the dues from those who had borrowed from you. Besides, your financial strength may be improved with some lucrative earning opportunities. This time deems to be advantageous for investing money. This is likely to give your good returns in the future.


Distractions and some kind of disruptions may keep your mind wandering off during the start of the week. But with the help of your patient, calm and composed nature, you can handle the issues appropriately. Advancing forces are likely to work effectively as the week moves ahead. During the mid phase of this week, despite there being planetary support, you need to pay proper attention to pending projects that are important. Workload may influence your speed and irritate you sometimes. However, you would be more clear about the future action plans and their outcomes during the last phase of this week.

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