Bored in Quarantine? 15 Fun Things To Do

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It can be challenging staying alone with your thoughts, with no way out. Click here and find out what to do when bored in quarantine.

How To Shake Things Up When Bored In Quarantine?

How many times you woke up wishing there were no jobs, no schools, no reasons to get up and leave the comfort of your home. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it, said one song once upon a time. So, there you are, all alone with numerous thoughts cruising through your brain. The idea of staying inside your four walls seemed perfect until it became your reality. Sitting in front of the TV, binging series, and watching Home Alone is one way to survive. However, there are smarter ways to have a fun time when bored in quarantine. In the following lines, we’ll present you with creative ways you can fulfill your spare time.

  1. Make Funny Videos

This is a perfect idea because of two reasons. Firstly, you get to see a lot of bloopers, failures, and all sorts of funny stuff that happens to people in their everyday lives. Secondly, you get to create your funny video compilation and laugh again at things only you find funny. In addition, you can explore your creativity and learn new skills.

2. Blanket Fortress

You already have everything you need. Take all the blankets and bedsheets you have and start building your castle. Inside, you can have your own rules and laws. Keep in mind that once you finish, the quarantine may be over. So you can call your friends around, build communes, and whatnot. Keep in mind they’ll probably be in the same state of mind as yourself. Therefore, the party can get started.

3. Learn How To Knit

Our grandmas could do it. Why won’t you? In all fairness, this is a unique skill. Not everyone can have a steady hand and nerves to repeat the exact mechanism for hours. However, it will build your character and keep you warm when colder days come.

4. Draw

The best thing about being bored in quarantine is that you can do so many things you never had time to do before. Try looking for drawing classes and relax your mind. Also, drawing can bring you new ideas and enhance your creativity levels.

5. Clean Your House

Not the most fun way to spend your time, but hear us out. You can clean your home thoroughly and encompass corners of your home you never knew existed in the first place. What’s more, there’s always a chance you’ll find something from your past. If it’s a weird-looking doll, throw it away, save yourself.

6. Learn A New Trick

Card tricks or those with coins always seemed so cool. So, you can improve your magicians’ skills. Learn how to do the Disappearing Money experiment and impress all. Also, it will boost your self-esteem and bring you back to childhood. Always works.

7. Play Online Games With Your Friends

You can gather around with your friends online and pick a fun game to play. Luckily, there are many choices. You can choose between survival games, open worlds, sports, shooter games; the possibilities are endless. Therefore, while bored in quarantine, you can create clans, raid, shoot, race, and master different gaming skills. Also, you can record while playing and have some beautiful memories to laugh about in the old days.

8. Become A Billionaire

Dress up, pick your best suit, pour yourself a glass of scotch, and visit a casino like a 007. Gambling is not always about money. There’s something about thrill and excitement as well. If you don’t have any gambling experience whatsoever, have no worries. There are many no deposit casinos, which require no money. This can be a perfect way to enjoy your favorite games for free. If you master the strategies and tactics, the sky’s the limit.

Now, the first logical question would be, “How to play an instrument if I don’t have one?” First, think about what kind of instrument you would like to play. Then, you can always order one online. Find a suitable online class and enjoy.

9. Improve Your Cooking Skills

When bored in quarantine, you have extra time. Hence, you can always prepare yourself some exotic, delicious meals you always wanted. You can even enjoy roleplay, pretending to be a famous chef. After some practice, you can even record yourself cooking, become a famous blogger, invest in an unknown cryptocurrency, earn trillions and become the ruler of the free world.

10. You Can Go Surfing

By this, we don’t mean actual surfing, which makes this clickbait. This is possible if you have a pool in your backyard. However, you can surf online to look for potential destinations for vacation. Therefore, you can explore all the miraculous and exciting places you never knew existed.

11. Play Jigsaw Puzzle

Take the largest puzzle and start assembling. Don’t worry; time is your ally. There’s nowhere to go.

12. Learn Barman Skills

You can learn how to make different cocktails. That can become a very useful skill. Also, learn how to prepare drinks in the most creative ways you can figure out. It will be fun and boost your self-confidence.

13. Rearrange Your Home

According to feng shui, rearranging your place will improve your mood. Also, if you have stacked things under the bed or basement, it can bring you bad luck. Nevertheless, rearranging your furniture while bored in quarantine will definitely open some new horizons and make your home more enjoyable to stay at, at least for a while.

14. Try Writing A Song

Even if you’re entirely untalented, it can’t be worse than Smelly Cat.

15. Sort Phone Pictures

Let’s face it, we all love to take pictures, and our phones mostly have incredibly high memory space. Well, sorting out these pictures can remind you of good old times.

Final Thoughts

Being alone surrounded by walls doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Admittedly, we are social beings. Still, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t able to enjoy being alone. Therefore, look for creative ways to fulfill spare time. Find some leisurely pastimes like watching movies, preparing your favorite meals, or playing at a casino. Some of these ideas will help you boost your skills; others can become profitable. Nevertheless, try something from the list above, and you’ll never feel bored in quarantine.

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