Betpack has registered a new record of visitors on the website this month

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Every month, Betpack records a fair share of new visitors on its online platform. However, this month, it recorded 10,000 new visitors, which is the highest it has ever been recorded in a month. It is worthy to note that despite the traffic these visits generated, the website experienced no setbacks.

This impressive record stems from the new promotion initiative that Betpack advertised to the masses online. The initiative promised players a chance to win an all-paid ticket to Vistavisa, Vegas’ largest casino. On this trip, players get to enjoy no-deposit betting options, free lodging, and VIP treatment. But to qualify for this, a player must follow the process listed below:

  • Make correct predictions for five different games using any bookmaker on the online bookmaker list by Betpack
  • Give a brief overview of their user experience
  • Subscribe to Betpack’s newsletter

Despite the simplicity of the process, Betpack never expected the extent of positive responses it received. Not only did these individuals complete the process, 60% of them predicted the outcomes of five games correctly. This means 6,000 players qualified for the ticket.

It is certain that there will be other criteria to consider before choosing the winner. However, at the moment, there has been no announcement of the lucky winner of the Vistvisa ticket. This promotion attracted many gamblers through the operations of the online platform. If you fall into this category, here is a little insight about the bookmaker.

About Betpack: your favourite bookmaker

Betpack is a bookmaker that has gained a solid reputation in the gambling industry since its establishment in 2009. The bookmaker’s reputation is due to the quality of services it offers its users. 

First, it features an efficient online site that makes it easy for players to find what they look for. Aside from its design, the site offers several sports for its users to place their bets on. These sport options include horse racing, rugby, football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and several others. 

On the main page, you’ll find the program of events, which comprises all the games taking place when you visit the website. You can also see how long the game has been running and the standard home win odds. 

On the site, you can bet on these live games. Better still, you can bet on future games using the panel on the left side of the page.

Furthermore, it provides its customers with different payment methods, which is an essential matter when people consider choosing a betting platform. The payment methods include PayPal, Bitcoin, Neteller and Apple Pay.

The site offers a mobile version that allows players to access its services on a mobile device for easier access. Just like the web version, the mobile platform is easy to use. However, it is preferable to use either Chrome or Safari internet browsers to access the mobile site.

Aside from the bookmaker option, Betpack features a casino that offers some of the best assortment of games that comes close to selecting the best online casinos. These include the classical online slots, which usually come in five and three reels and feature progressive jackpots. Also available are sports poker, video poker, and other games. Whether you are using its bookmakers or casinos, Betpack has a fantastic array of bonuses available.


With all of its services, Betpack is a fantastic platform for any gambler looking to wager. So, if you haven’t tried any of its services, what are you waiting for?

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