Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 21st November– 27th November 2021

Love and Relationships

Your love life may get disturbed due to miscommunication. Try to remain soft and understanding with your partner. Love and romance may bloom with Venus transiting this week. Your conjugal relationship needs more attention. Avoid argumentative discussions and try giving a chance to your significant other to communicate. This week is beneficial to brighten your marital life with the past beautiful memories. You need to be extremely careful while interacting with your partner. It is advisable to avoid any practical decisions in your love life, as that may give tensions and difficulties. You need to give emotional care to rejuvenate your love life.


Students are likely to get the chance to study through distance learning. The natives pursuing creative subjects, Arts, or Music line may be able to learn properly this week. Language and writing-related courses may bring you fruitful results. Those in the Medical or Science field may be successful in their examination. Sun’s transit also predicts that you would take part actively in studies and be victorious, but you need more discipline and determination. It is advisable to avoid disagreements and undesired assignments, else it may give you worries. There are chances of short distance trips related to your education. You may form new friendships this week.


Over analysing situations can bring your stress and impact your health. There are chances of low immunity level and some health issues that need your attention. Proper water intake and exercises would be beneficial in enjoying sound health this week. Do some alterations in your diet for this week and adhere to regular exercise. Doing light workouts can give quick recovery from stress and bodyache. Your mother may have health issues. Digestion problems are likely to come. Avoid eating street food and have a nutritious diet for this week. Avoid using electronic gadgets before going to sleep. It may cause sleep disturbance and health issues.


You are likely to spend on electronic gadgets. This time is unfavourable to invest in new shares without due validation. Try to take suggestions from an expert, as Mercury transit depicts that this can bring you good financial returns. You may have several sources of income. Seeking support and guidance from elder siblings and friends is beneficial for investments. You may also receive sufficient financial help from your spouse. Remain extremely alert while investing in the share market. Take help of a professional before making big investments. Avoid buying land or giving money to a person you do not know. Government-related work may give you expenses.


As per Mercury transit, you should abstain from an argument with your business associate to achieve the expected returns. Ignore rivals and steer clear of petty discussion at your office. Transit of Mercury depicts that you must avoid office politics. Keep your relationship cordial with your colleagues. There are chances of conflicts with your spouse. Research work in business is likely to be fruitful. An overseas project may come to businesspeople. You may get selected in a job interview or succeed in examination. You may earn recognition at the workplace due to your hard work. You would be able to resolve issues with your sharp intellect this week.

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