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If you know what to expect on your driving run, it might help you be more prepared and increase the chances of being successful in the first trial. A driving test is where a driver examiner watches you drive on a road that they have decided for you. Driving faults during a test can result in point deduction from your score and are recorded in a logbook.

Whether you want to drive around the Big Apple, or go for a ride through western New York, there are a few statewide rules that you will need to know to get through your trial run. It is possible that undergoing your driving test will be unpleasant. Whether you are a learner or pro-driver, everyone is scared before taking a test.

Through DMV Test you can gather all DMV’s resources to prepare for passing the permit test in New York. They have 100 DMV practice test questions that can improvise anyone learner is driving knowledge. To date, they have helped 100 students in excelling in their DMV written test.

New York Written Test is Available Online

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo declared that the online learner permit exam for Class D (passenger vehicles) and Class M (motorcycles) is now available to all New Yorkers. Last year, the company announced the introduction of a web-based application program for an online permit. This new service allows New Yorkers to apply for the process and sit for the test at the comfort of their home. This saves their valuable time at the DMV.

We have arranged a few things for you to prepare for the theory and practical Driving tests that can help you understand better –

Theory and Practical Tests

  • There is no walk-in road testing available. Thus, ensure that you schedule your road test beforehand.
  • Bring your eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them. It’ll also be a lot easier to pass if you see things.
  • To sit for the test you need to arrange the New York State driver’s license beforehand. To get your driver’s license, you’ll need to make an appointment with the DMV.
  • Bring your Pre-Licensing Course Certificate or Student Certificate of Completion. Submitting copies of these certificates is prohibited.
  • If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian to complete a Certification of Supervised Driving.
  • You must have a driver with you who is at least 21 years old and has a valid driver’s license to control the vehicle.
  • You’ll need a valid current inspection sticker, registration, and insurance to drive the vehicle throughout the test. It must also function properly and be in good working condition.

During The Test

  • Drive smoothly and don’t speed up the engine. This way you can easily react to changing situations on the road.
  • Stay at a decent speed limit. It helps during changing weather, road, and traffic conditions.
  • Don’t break immediately otherwise the vehicle stops abruptly, thereby deducting your points. It is better to place your feet on the brakes to prepare well before.
  • Watch all signs carefully and make changes in lanes accordingly. Instructors intentionally take you through the roads where there are various signs.

Relax a day before your test. Avoid late-night parties or office work and don’t drink alcohol. Wake up fresh and move with a good start.

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