An Indian born is about to be executed in Singapore

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Nagaenthran a/l K Dharmalingam is on death row in Singapore’s Changi prison. Nagaenthran was sentenced in 2011 for illegally importing 42 grams of diamorphine and condemned to death under the draconian Singaporean Laws.

Being diagnosed with a borderline intellectual disability, with an IQ of 69, Naga is a Singapore-Indian. He was arrested after being found with heroin strapped to his thighs. According to an official court hearing, Naga confirmed that he was forced on a gunpoint to deliver a package, and he had no idea about the involvement of any drugs in his package. During his trial, his defense shared evidence from multiple certified doctors that he suffers from intellectual disabilities that impair his rationality and ability to assess risk.

During his trial in 2019, Nagaenthran correctly and with adequate proof denied knowing the bundle’s contents strapped to his thigh and told the courtroom that he had delivered it “under pressure.”

However, the letter, added in the next slide, dated October 26, was sent to Naga’s family on behalf of the Singapore Prison Services, which runs all prisons across the island. On top of the distressing news, it also added pages detailing Singapore’s travel restrictions and pandemic entry requirements, which Naga’s family members must follow if they wish to say goodbye in person.

Singapore is a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and this scheduled execution of a mentally disabled person is illegal. Sadly, Singapore is determined now to go on with this killing is sickening and shocking. No civilized nation should resort to hanging the mentally disabled. We must all come together to stop this execution.

He will be hanged one week after Diwali despite being intellectually disabled. There is no proof about Naga’s malicious intent, and if this execution goes on, it is state-sponsored murder.

I know you guys are watching India Vs. New Zealand. But, I request you to take out some time and read this. A Singapore-Indian will probably spend his last Diwali as he might be executed in the next 11 days. Singapore had scheduled the execution of a mentally disabled person, who probably didn’t commit the crime he was blamed for.

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