A New Chapter: Trying Activities that You Might Not Think You’ll Like

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Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

Most of us have discovered something we’re good at doing but don’t really enjoy, and even more of us probably have found things we like doing but aren’t particularly good at. But what about those activities we don’t necessarily think we’d enjoy but have never tried? 

For example, maybe you don’t think you’d enjoy baking, but have you ever tried to make a pie from scratch? Once we try something, then we can say whether or not we like the activity; until then, we really can’t say. Here are some activities you might not have tried but should before you write them off.


This is a relatively new one as far as sports go, and it’s growing in popularity. Pickleball is basically a simpler and easier version of tennis. A sport that’s been around since the 1960s, pickleball involves two or four players using paddles to hit a perforated ball that’s similar to a Wiffle ball.

One of the great things about pickleball is that it’s relatively low impact and provides great exercise. This is one of the reasons the sport has become so popular amongst seniors. Another great thing about pickleball is that it doesn’t take tons of money to play. A couple of paddles, a Wiffle ball, and a court, and you’re all set.


A lot of people who have never even tried fishing automatically assume they won’t like it. But fishing is an incredible sport. First of all, it is arguably the most relaxing sport on the face of the planet. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why people don’t think they’ll like it. People think they’ll find it boring. But there’s nothing more exciting than the thrill of the catch.

In North America, freshwater fishing is probably the most common type of fishing. Freshwater simply refers to lakes, streams, creeks, and the like. The popularity of freshwater fishing most likely has to do with the abundance of places to fish. So when it comes to fishing, don’t knock it until you try it; If nothing else, at least go to tailoretackle.com and check out the gear you need… it will definitely make you want to get out and try your shot at fishing!


Handicrafts cover a variety of skill sets, including everything from knitting to basket weaving to pottery. Maybe you participated in some form of handicrafts as a child, but making something with your hands as an adult has been the farthest thing from your mind. But what’s great about handicrafts is that they’re suited to everyone: men, women, young, old, you name it.

Many handicrafts also would not require a great deal of money to get started. Take knitting, for example. You could acquire the basic materials for less than $20. And there are plenty of classes, many online, where you can receive instruction.

Puzzles and Model Building

Puzzles and model building are great solitary activities or activities that a group of people can enjoy. One of the great things about solving puzzles and constructing models is that it engages the mind in ways that other activities might not. These activities teach your brain to look at things in new ways, increase problem-solving skills and memory.

Working on puzzles and models are also good activities for people who might be homebound for health and other reasons. Although your brain isn’t a muscle, it acts like one. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. 

Slow Running

You may never even have heard of slow running, but it’s a thing, and it has many benefits. Slowing running compared to regular jogging is said to be less stressful on the joints, help strengthen muscles, and improve running form. It’s even said that slow running burns more calories than high-intensity sprints, making this form of exercise a more sustainable, more appealing method of facilitating weight loss.

If you’re wondering whether slow running is better than fast walking, it’s said that slow running will always burn more calories than fast walking because the body has to work harder.

We should never say that we don’t enjoy doing something before we’ve even tried for the simple reason that we don’t really know. By not trying things that you assume you won’t like, you could be missing out on a great deal of enjoyment. There are activities out there that you’d probably fall in love with if you gave yourself a chance to experience them. So try something new for a change.

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