A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Anyone injured in an accident through no fault of their own should seek legal advice. They are entitled to compensation for any expenses related to the accident and possibly the pain and suffering they endure. What should a person know when reaching out to a personal injury attorney for this assistance? 

When Should an Attorney Be Contacted?

Every person injured in an accident should reach out to a personal injury attorney to discuss the case and their options. A person might feel this isn’t necessary because they weren’t injured in the accident. However, injuries don’t always become apparent immediately following the accident. The adrenaline rushes a person experience can mask the pain and other symptoms.

Seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure there is no internal damage or other cause for concern. Once this has been done, contact The Krist Law Firm to discuss the next steps. How can an attorney be of help at this time? 

Insurance Carrier Discussions

Insurance carriers operate to generate a profit. They make more money when they deny a claim or pay less than what a victim is entitled to under the law. To reduce the payout, they use several methods.

One way the insurance carrier works to reduce the payout or deny the claim entirely is by trying to trip the victim up during conversations. An innocent statement made by the victim can be twisted to suggest the injuries aren’t that severe or that the victim is faking them. When a victim hires an attorney to represent them, the attorney handles all conversations with the insurance carrier. 

Furthermore, the attorney negotiates on behalf of their client to ensure fair compensation is obtained. They know what items can be included in the claim, such as a housekeeping service for a person whose injuries prevent them from carrying out routine household tasks. The responsible party should be made to cover these expenses, and the attorney works to ensure they do. 


The average person isn’t familiar with the law and may miss a deadline that leads to the dismissal of their claim. Each state determines the time frame for a case of this type and the statute of limitations. Attorneys know when paperwork must be submitted, how to avoid errors that could lead to documents being rejected, and more. They work to ensure the case moves smoothly from start to finish. 

Expert Testimony

Insurance companies often call experts to dispute a victim’s claim. They have the money to bring in these individuals, and the average person may not be able to say the same. When a person hires a personal injury attorney, they gain access to a network of experts in various aspects of the law. The attorney knows which expert to call and when to prove the victim’s case. 

A person might turn to their insurance company for help. However, as mentioned previously, insurance companies operate to make a profit. This means they put their interests above those of their clients. The attorney works for the client and puts the client’s interests first at all times. 

Support Staff

Personal injury claims come with many small details that must receive attention. Victims often become overwhelmed when trying to address these details. This isn’t an issue when a person chooses to hire a personal injury attorney. They have support staff to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

For instance, many firms today keep medical professionals on staff to assist with claims. These individuals review the medical records of the victim and help the attorney build a case on behalf of this individual. In addition, they monitor the care the victim is receiving from their doctors and make recommendations for additional treatments that may be needed. 

Most firms also have investigators on staff that will work to uncover the facts of the accident. They may recreate the accident to find ways to bolster the victim’s claim. At other times, they research outside elements that may have contributed to the accident. For instance, they may look into the placement of street signs to see if they played any role in the accident. If they did, the attorney might decide to pursue compensation from the entity responsible for the placement of these signs. 


Many people worry about the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney. Fortunately, most attorneys practicing this type of law work on a contingency basis. This means they only get paid if they win the case, and their fee is a percentage of the settlement received by the victim. Rarely does a person have to pay an attorney up front in this situation. 

Nevertheless, the victim needs to discuss expenses related to the case and who will pay those fees. For instance, if the law firm hires an expert to testify on behalf of the victim, what happens if the case is lost? Who pays this expert for their time, travel expenses, and more? Victims need to obtain this information prior to signing with an attorney. 

Trial Experience

When choosing a personal injury attorney like Norristown Legal, individuals need to ask about their trial experience. This experience affects the outcome of the case whether or not it goes to trial. An attorney with trial experience concerns insurance carriers, as they know this individual is willing to remain in the fight until all options have been exhausted. As a result, the insurance company is more likely to offer a fair settlement initially, as they know taking the case to trial is costly. 


Finally, victims should hire an attorney they feel comfortable with. These cases often drag on for months if not years. Nobody wants to work with an attorney they dislike, regardless of how skilled this person is when it comes to winning cases. Don’t overlook this factor when choosing your attorney, as you may be working alongside them for a very long time.  Consider the above when determining whether you need to hire an attorney for your personal injury case. Most victims find doing so is beneficial to them, as it gives them peace of mind. They know the case is being handled properly, so they can focus on recovering from their injuries and moving forward with their lives. No price can be put on having the ability to do exactly that. 

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