7 characteristics of a successful poker player

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Poker – the game that takes a lifetime to master. Much more than a card game of luck, poker is about harnessing skill and intelligence. There are many poker tips across the internet saying what you should and shouldn’t do to be a better player and get profitable results. On the contrary, we believe that the journey starts from within, in specific focusing on the characteristics of success. So let’s take a look at 8 characteristics of a successful poker player to keep in mind in the exciting gambling world!


Research indicates that the top poker players in the world all share a common trait of self-discipline to work past bad beats and other tribulations. Emotional stability plays a big role in the game, as you act from a rational mind rather than feelings. Poor decisions are easier to come when you’re upset or angry. It is important to stay cool, calm, and collected and keep your poker face on to get the results you’re after.


The game of poker can be unpredictable. You will find yourself in situations, which need quick thinking, analyzing and a strong mentality. There is no right or wrong way to play the game, but being able to adapt is one of the key characteristics of a successful player.


As it is with everything in life – confidence is key! Be sure of your decisions however uncertain they may feel. Weak-passive players have no influence in the game and no impact on the opponents. Show that you know what you’re doing and your confidence will overlap other player traits of poker.


Poker needs focus and putting your head in the game. A player who’s giddy and loses focus within a couple of hours will doubtedly be a successful poker player. Those with physical and mental capability will keep themselves together for hours and stand a better chance at winning.


Patience is key in poker as well. You can’t go rushing into the game expecting to win every round. Every successful poker player has started from the bottom with almost no winnings at all. If you’re looking for a good game of poker, online or live, you’ll spend most of your time doing nothing, folding your hands, and waiting for good spots.

Financial Responsibility

Gambling can get addictive and it’s important to stay responsible. Try to be efficient with your choices and maintain a healthy mindset for spending your money responsibly. The first rule for going into any type of gambling should be to set yourself a budget. This will help control your finances and prevent overspending. To be more responsible, consider setting yourself a time and a win limit as well. 

Being honest with yourself

Another important characteristic is to always be honest with yourself. You may bluff and fool others, but it is important to be aware of the actual situation. We recommend keeping records of your play to analyze your patterns and know when to stop. Successful players document their games to see their blindspots and get past them.

Good luck!

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