YouTube Studio allows creators to change currency


(IANS) Google-owned video streaming giant YouTube has added the ability for creators to change local currency option for ‘YouTube Studio’ on Android.

YouTube Studio version 21.36.100 update has added options to handle channel earnings. A user just needs to tap his/her Profile avatar > Settings > Currency > Select preferred local currency > Pull to refresh the Dashboard view, reports 9to5google.

One can change the currency at any time and this method works no matter what local language setting a user has applied to the device. When selecting an individual video, the change is also applied there, too, including to the CPM and RPM charts/graphs.

For those who are unaware, YouTube Studio is a well-designed, easy-to-use application that provides you with all the tools and information you would need to create a successful YouTube channel.

Earlier, YouTube announced that it is introducing new ways to help users more easily search and find content on the platform.

The company said it has started to make the search page even more visual to help people get a better glimpse of what’s inside a video.

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