Xbox making it easier to find accessible games in its stores

(IANS) Xbox is making it easier to find accessibility information for games, according to an announcement from the company at its Accessibility Showcase.

Games in the Microsoft store will have accessibility feature tags, so players with disabilities can make sure games have the features they need before buying or downloading them, reports The Verge.

The tags are appearing in the store for members of the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League (XAIL) starting from Friday and will eventually roll out to all Xbox users.

The tags address an issue commonly expressed by players with disabilities — they often have to do their research to figure out which games they can play.

Listing certain features in the store consolidates information that can be frustrating to track down, especially if it’s not available on developer websites or in reviews, the report said.

Publishers will also be able to link to additional information from the store, it added.

While the tag system is starting in the Microsoft Store, Xbox says they will also start showing up on, the Xbox app on PC, and Xbox Game Pass apps in the coming months.

Xbox said it plans to gather feedback from XAIL members over the next month before expanding the availability of the tags.

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