What is software development?

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Almost every modern business requires the development of personal software. It helps to control and process data. With the help of proprietary software, companies can gain loyalty from potential customers.

Today there are companies whose core work is software development. Programmers create individual projects that meet the customer’s requirement. This article will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of self-development software. As well as to order software development company.

Features of self-development software

An entrepreneur does not have relevant knowledge in the field of information technology. But it will be difficult for him to make out in such matters. Do-it-yourself software development can be quite costly.

If an entrepreneur hires specialists, he can control the work at any time. It’s worth noting that developers will have to pay constantly no matter how much work is done.

Non-professional IT professionals even today use outdated software development methods. Thus, the finished program will not meet all modern requirements.

The main advantages of custom software development

More and more modern companies prefer cooperation with professional IT specialists. The high demand for such services is due to a large number of advantages, among which the following can be noted:

  • the system is created according to the individual requests of the customer;
  • programmers provide warranty service and round-the-clock support for the finished product;
  • the ability to provide limited access for different employees.

With the help of professional programmers, you can get quality software. It can improve business performance.

It should be noted that the choice of a developer must be approached with special responsibility. First of all, you need to evaluate the company’s portfolio. You can also ask the company to provide contacts of customers with whom it worked or continues to work. It is also recommended to read reviews of the company’s work. There are independent services of logistics software development.

Software development technology

The key concept in software development technology is the concept of the life cycle of a software product. We will start with its consideration.

Program life cycle

Let’s list the main stages of the program life cycle and give a brief description of each of the stages. Every development includes:

  • The acquisition process. This process represents the actions of the customer of software development.
  • The delivery process includes the activities carried out by the contractor for the delivery of software. The contractor analyzes the customer’s requirements. It performs the design and analysis of work, decides how the design (programming) process will take place: on its own.
  • Development process. We will consider it in detail in the section “Stages of creating software products”.
  • Operation process. After the software is ready, the process of its operation by the customer organization and its operators begins.
  • Maintenance process. The developer company provides support to users of the software product in case they have any questions or problems. If an error is found in the software during operation, the developers must eliminate it. The operation process and the maintenance process run in parallel.
  • Documentation process. In the development process and further, the performer writes documentation and user manuals. it’s used for developed software product.
  • Configuration management process. This process includes work on managing sets of software components being developed. it’s used on managing software versions.
  • Quality assurance process. He is responsible for ensuring that the developed software product meets the development prerequisites. As well as the standards of the contractor and customer organizations.
  • Verification process. It is necessary in order to identify errors introduced into the software during design. As well as to identify inconsistencies of the developed software with the developed architecture.
  • Certification process. The process is aimed at confirming the compliance of the obtained values ​​with the reference ones. That is, the output must have an error that meets the requirements and established standards.
  • Joint Assessment Process. It is needed to control and check the state of personnel and the developed software product. Performed by both parties (customer and contractor) throughout the time of all work on the project.
  • Audit process. The audit is aimed at an independent assessment of the current regulations. It makes project status, documentation and reports. The audit compares it to the contract and standard-setting documents. It can also be performed by both sides.
  • Problem solving process. Implements the elimination of deficiencies identified during all processes. They are related to control and assessment.

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