What Is Magento And How It Can Make Your Business More Efficient

If WordPress is considered the best platform for building websites, then Magento is considered the ideal option for online stores. It is in demand among the world’s largest manufacturers. Also suitable for small and medium businesses. You can always profitably hire Magento experts at Elogic.

Do you have ideas for the development of the project?

We’ll talk in an article about a detailed description of Magento, a platform for creating an online store, make a comparison with other popular platforms, and also show which types of companies are best to create projects here.

Why Magento is the best choice in ecommerce?

The creators have made an understandable and convenient structure that is able to quickly make changes, as well as effectively manage a network of several projects, including in different languages. It is possible to provide effective management of the look, functionality and content of the online store.

What values ​​are declared?

The slogan of the company is “Built for Growth, Designed for Flexibility.” This means that the platform provides an excellent opportunity for customers to develop their business in the way they wish. Project owners will be able to start with basic functionality, but as the business grows, you can switch to the more advanced versions available on the platform.

What about the flexibility of the platform? Everything is correct here as well, since Magento offers open source code, you can use it to integrate different extensions or modules. If your business needs something special, you can use the services of a developer, with his help you can get a custom module from scratch according to the wishes of the client.

Dynarys provides a unique experience when building sites on the platform. Often, customers want to integrate plugins and modules. It is possible to integrate Maxpay into every online store created in Magento. This extension offers to apply payment by any credit cards from any country. It is supported by all devices and works with almost all currencies, cooperates with the largest banks in the world. Thanks to the team’s work, this extension can be used by all Magento clients.

An extension was created earlier, with the help of which you can significantly increase the functions of an online store, as well as provide a business with serious opportunities. The extension is aimed at some requirements, with the help of the extension you can get unique payment options, it is possible to pay and add to each store created on the Magento platform.

Also, a prototype of an online store Magento 2 was created. A blog was introduced in the project, you can compare products, order a call back, pay in different ways, provide information regarding delivery, availability of goods, and also make a purchase on one page. This process provides a simple interface that is understandable for all visitors, with an informative home page and product catalogs characterized by high conversions.

What is Magento’s market share?

More than 4% of all online stores are created on the platform. Such indicators indicate that it is the fourth most popular. Today, there are almost 142 thousand stores in operation.

It is used by the most famous brands, among them:

Coca Cola is a brand of soft drinks. The company has an online store through which it sells gift baskets, clothing and personalized bottles.

Ford is one of the most famous companies in the United States. Parts of the brand are sold through their online store.

Fox Connect also launched their online store in early 2010.

Warby Parker is a more than a billion dollars worth of glasses, with a mass share of about 80% in the United States.

Olympus is engaged in the production of optics, photographic and optical equipment of high quality and also chose this platform to create an online store here.

But Magento also has serious competitors. It is necessary to understand that when doing business on the Internet there is no best or worst platform, since each direction is characterized by certain needs, budget, based on which you need to choose.

The online space is developing rapidly. For example, selling shoes online is popular, you can also buy equipment, clothes, toys and much more on the Internet. Therefore, it is important not to miss the moment and start creating your website right now.

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