Virgo Weekly Horoscope 17th October– 23rd October 2021


Love and Relationships

There may be some disturbances this week due to unnecessary lengthy discussions on some insignificant issues. So you are suggested to be careful about these petty issues that are not stretched or escalated. It is best for you to avoid making anything a prestige issue this week. It may instigate you to look for a change in your partner. It is best for you to remain composed, and gradually, things may start falling in place. You are likely to have some amazing romantic experiences which may bring back love and warmth in your relationship.


This may be a good phase to get opportunities of traveling overseas for higher education. You are likely to expect to get favorable planetary influence, but you are suggested to make sure the expansion is in the right direction. This may be a week of hope and opportunities. You may also develop new skills. If you have been studying or preparing for competitive exams, then fortune may help you to get desired results. Students are likely to get good grades in examinations during this week.


Your health may remain good during this week. However, some prolonged health issues may bother you at times. If you are suffering from any lifestyle lingering diseases like diabetes, you are suggested to remain careful. You are likely to get enough planetary support, so you may be able to maintain your fitness levels. It is best for you to have an exercise regime in place if not started till now. Planetary influence may help you to negate the adverse impact on your health, and you are likely to remain in a good mood, as your fitness levels may help you to become more productive.


You are suggested to be careful about money matters during this week. It is best for you to avoid borrowing or lending. It is likely to be a somewhat tricky time, so you may feel a cash crunch at this time if you take unnecessary risks. You are suggested to avoid making hasty decisions related to finance. You may get some great opportunities to boost your earnings this week. You may come across new avenues to enhance your income this week. Once your financial position is likely to become better, you may plan to invest your money.


You may get some good opportunities for progress at your workplace this week. Your business is likely to flourish this week if you don’t take unnecessary risks. You are suggested to consolidate your position rather than making any ambitious move for rapid growth. It is best for you to make some action-oriented plans. Gradually, you may have a clear idea about how to achieve your goals, and hence you may deal with the challenges more efficiently during this week. Your efforts may eventually bring good results, so never stop working hard.

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