Twitter adds one-click ‘Revue newsletter’ signup buttons to tweets

(IANS) Micro-blogging site Twitter is rolling out a way for people to sign up to ‘Revue newsletters’ directly from tweets.

According to Engadget, when someone shares their Revue newsletter, the tweet will include a subscribe button.

If someone clicks a link to a specific newsletter issue, they will see an option to subscribe when they return to their Twitter feed.

The feature is live on the web now, and it is coming to iOS and Android soon.

In addition, if your Twitter account is linked to an email address, you can sign up to receive newsletter updates with a single click. You will not need to confirm your subscription through your email inbox, the report said.

The update should make it easier for people to convert Twitter followers into newsletter subscribers.

It is a big advantage for Revue over the likes of Substack and other newsletter services since writers on those platforms have to guide potential subscribers through a slightly longer signup process, the report added.

Twitter recently added Revue newsletter signup buttons to profiles on the web, iOS and Android. The company bought Revue in January as the newsletter ecosystem continued to pick up steam.

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