Some of best quotes by Dr TMRPK Tennakoon

1- Be positive and have positive attitude about everything, in every situation come what may. Challenging the Challenge,Defeating the Defeat ,Converting your weaknesses into strengths is Positive Attitude. – TMRPK Tennakoon

2-Each day is comparable to a lifetime; we are born and rise each morning as children, progressing through childhood and into adolescence.We spend our time and effort before lunch as adolescents, and after lunch as mature adults, attempting to plan and save.In the late afternoon, we are exhausted elderly people, attempting to revive ourselves with tea, just as we spend so much money and time with physicians to live this heinous existence.Once the sun goes down, we have retired and as we near death, we drink alcohol to complacency dying mind and take medicine due to fear of death. ‘Sansar’ is our reality, ‘life is tragic,’ and, in our society, you should believe in Karma.

-TMRPK Tenakoon

3- “Your Mind is a powerful entity; change your mind, and it will change your Life”. – TMRPK TENNAKOON

4 – Never put your full trust in someone because then they hold the power to hurt you. -TMRPK TENNAKOON

5-The more anxious the parents are,the less contented the baby will be . – TMRPK TENNAKOON

6- Dear Karma,I have a list of people that you missed . – TMRPK TENNAKOON

7- You don’t get to pull others into your world view , especially if it’s involves sacrificing their anatomy, rights and civil liberties.

You don’t get to force fear into others because you’re scared .You don’t get to throw away other’s freedoms because you don’t care for yours.

8- ‘Call the police to warn the police about the police ‘ Yeah that’s probably not going to work -TMRPK TENNAKOON

9- As most dig their own graves ,ready to bury themselves so the State tricked them into doing ,there were but a few ready to dig for the truth instead.

If you hold a shovel , you have two choices of what to dig for – but not till you’re honest with yourself and the world you live in . – TMRPK TENNAKOON

10-Try to become a man of principles. Firm in decisions. They don’t cost money. – TMRPK TENNAKOON

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