Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence to Grow Your Business


LinkedIn is worth the investment of time and money when it comes to growing your B2B company. With over 630 million users, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool to network, drive engagement, and build trust with your customers. If you haven’t explored LinkedIn for your company, here are a few tips to help enhance your presence and grow your business.

Create and Upgrade Your Profile and Company Page

If you are brand new to the world of social media, you will want to start by creating your profile and company page on LinkedIn first. These are two very different types of pages. In order to create a company page, you’ll first need to have a personal profile. 

There will be a series of steps the channel will prompt you through to get you set up. Do your best not to skip any of the related sections when starting your profile. It’s an opportunity to showcase your work, expand upon your portfolio, and build upon your relating skills.

Once you have your personal profile up and running, you can start connecting with your personal network and sending them requests to connect. As you build credibility, you’ll then be able to create your company page.

This is a chance to highlight your commercial real estate business as a separate entity from yourself. This is where you’ll want to share company and industry-related news. It will help you to build brand awareness with other commercial real estate agents and brokers.

Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

As you start to network throughout LinkedIn, you want to go beyond your immediate connections. Research relevant LinkedIn groups. This will allow you to start being a part of the conversation with people outside your personal network.

For instance, if you are a commercial property management company in Los Angeles, it may be beneficial to join professional networking groups with a focus on commercial real estate in Los Angeles. You’d be surprised at how many groups are available on LinkedIn.

If you search for a specific group but cannot find one, it may be worth creating your own. This way, you can manage the content and users within the platform and have special permissions to gather pertinent information you may need to build your email list or increase your lead generation.

Create Quality and Informative Content

Now that you have your pages created and are actively in relevant LinkedIn groups, it’s time to start creating content you want to share with your network. This is your opportunity to showcase yourself as an expert in the industry.

Try not to make all of the posts about yourself or your business. Think about the type of content your audience is typically searching for and how you can incorporate that into your content marketing strategy. Include long-form articles directly on Linkedin or links to your blog posts that discuss industry news or helpful tips for landlords.

Remember how we said there are over 630 million active users on LinkedIn? That means there is also a huge amount of competition to have content shown in people’s feeds. You want to make sure that the information you are curating is relevant, insightful, and stands out from the overwhelming sea of other posts.

Get Your Content Seen

As with every other social media platform, LinkedIn also has its own set of rules for its algorithm. This determines who sees your content in your newsfeed and when. To wrap this up, we want to share with you a few things you can start doing today to help get your content seen.

  • Tag and mention relevant people in your posts.
  • Engage with people who comment on your posts as well as on the posts of others.
  • Use relevant hashtags, but not too many – could be seen as “spammy.”
  • Link your company page to your personal profile so your network can see the connection.

At the end of the day, LinkedIn is still a social media platform which means it’s meant to be a network to start and grow conversations. You can’t do that when you are talking “at” people, so instead, try talking “with” your audience.

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