The Resourceful Versatility of Slatwall


The paneling display system known as slatwell has been around for quite a while. It is used extensively in retail settings to create non-permanent displays, but the versatility of the invention allows many applications.

What is Slatwall, and How is it Used?

The basic design was first developed in the mid-1960s and patented by Harold E. Graham. Graham’s goal in developing the slatwall panels was to create a non-permanent surface to display items. This wood paneling material was designed with slots or grooves, and each slat is connected to a stud for stability.

The shelving materials or hooks, depending on the intended purpose, are then hung from the slats. The slats are made of rigid, medium-density fiberboard that is resistant to flaking and chipping.

In retail settings, the panels are convenient due to their versatility and flexibility. This allows stores to tailor merchandise displays to their customized needs quickly. Slatwall is so versatile that the same materials can build an attractive, effective presentation for everything from hand saws to silk scarves. The stability and strength of the panels allow retailers to make use of valuable sales floor and wall space that was previously unusable due to practicality issues. 

Slatwall is Great for Tradeshows

Building attractive trade show displays is another application in which slatwall shines. Due to the provisional nature of these events, having a self-contained, easily customizable display area is vital to the success of any exhibit. Slatwall allows for creating a neat, well-organized presentation that can be personalized to the needs of the booth operator throughout the day.

Completely Customizable Appearance

Slatwall is not only multifaceted in function, it is also completely versatile in appearance. The panels can be made to order according to the specific needs of the industry. For instance, if a display wall is to be positioned in a tire store, a slatwall with the texture and appearance of a tire tread may be effective. The sky is the limit for ways that slatwall can enhance the style and functionality of any business or retail setting.

While stores and businesses have been using slatwall for years, using these fixtures in the home for organizing, decoration and display is a relatively recent development. From the garage to the kitchen to the bedroom, slatwall can keep things beautifully organized.

Fantastic for Organizing the Home

Finding a way to organize the tools and equipment in the garage can be a daunting task, and keeping the items contained once organized is an entirely new level of difficulty. Using the panels for this purpose can pay off in many different ways. By installing a custom slatwall design, each tool in the garage will have its place, allowing for easy accessibility when needed. 

This also eliminates the need to purchase duplicate items because you can see at a glance precisely what things are already in-house. The panels allow for easier preservation of tools and outdoor equipment as well. When everything is hung up on the wall, those items are less likely to be run over or left to rust in a crowded corner of the garage. 

The durability of slatwall allows for the organization of larger pieces of equipment as well. It can be installed with hooks to provide an out-of-the-way space to hold bicycles and a safe space to store ladders.

Multi-Purpose in the Kitchen

Slatwall has a million different uses in the kitchen. The panels can be used to make an attractive, customizable storage system for pots and pans, knives, or cutlery. If shelves are added to the walls, flatware and bowls can be placed within easy reach. Adding a personalized background to the panels can give the kitchen a whole new look and feel. 

Using slatwall to create a customized kitchen spice rack is a fantastic weekend project. And again, due to the versatility of the panels, the spice rack can be fully expanded as the need arises. By changing the shelves around, the spice rack can easily take on a whole new design.

Adding the panels underneath the kitchen sink will not only provide extra space but will also help to keep this area in order. Using bins for smaller items like lightbulbs and small tools and adding shelves for oversized items like dish soap and oven cleaner will keep everything arranged and sorted correctly.

Unbeatable in the Bathroom

Making use of slatwall to create functional wall space in the bathroom is a breeze. The bathroom can be made into a well-organized oasis by adding bins and shelves to the design. Installing bins to hold shampoo, hair supplies, and other toiletries will give the bathroom an efficient look. The same panel can hold shelves that turn the spare rolls of toilet paper into a decorative display.

Small flower pots can be added to the wall to brighten up any bathroom when using specialized hooks. Operating with slatwall in the bathroom can add usable space for storage to even the smallest powder room. 

A Beast in Closet Organization.

Organizing hall closets with the panels is a project that will pay off for years to come. Hats, coats, and scarves can all have their own space, and the closet’s capacity can be quadrupled by using the customized hooks and shelves to make use of all of the available space. When dealing with so much space, keeping the closet organized will be a cinch.

The panels provide a beautiful display area for pictures or awards when used in the living room. Adding a complementary color and texture can add a lovely focal point that will bring the room together in a relaxed way. The potential for organizing collectibles with the panels is incredible. Whether small shelving is needed to display a vintage set of Matchbox cars or Barbie dolls, slatwall has you covered. Panels of slatwall are suitable for literally hundreds of applications. Whether it’s needed to display precious gemstones in a retail space, at a tradeshow, or to organize the garage or living room, these panels can take care of it all. 

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