Taurus Weekly Horoscope 10th October– 16th October 2021


Love and Relationships

As stars predict married couples may need to take care of their moods as they may face issues while interacting with their spouse. There may be chances of disagreements due to lack of communication. Don’t get influenced by friends and family and avoid negative suggestions that may jeopardize the relationship. You may reconnect with your ex-partner. There may be chances of getting proposals from an old friend. You may need to get cautious in relationships as it may take a serious turn due to arguments. However, challenges may be indicated in the last phase of the week. You may need to commit to your partner and give space to each other to maintain harmony in the relationship.


Students may get success in written examinations. Although, it may bring mixed results for those working on projects. Natives involved in journalism and blog writing courses may get success this week. You may make short trips related to your study course. A small celebration in the institution may bring success. Try and avoid bad company and negative thoughts. Take care of your health as it may affect your studies. Some students may get inclined towards creative arts or works. Short term courses may give you success. Help and guidance from friends and siblings may guide you in the right direction. You may enroll in new courses during the week.


You may need to remain attentive in terms of health. Planetary placements indicate you may face some stomach related issues during the week. It may be advisable to go for a routine checkup. Refrain from junk food and adhere to a nutritious diet. Excessive workload may make you feel tired. Joining any health-related courses may bring a positive impact on your health. Negative thoughts and overthinking may bring some challenges on the health front. You may have a disturbed sleeping pattern due to overburdening. Stars predict you may need to refrain from overthinking that may lead you towards stress. Avoid using electronic gadgets before going to bed.


There may be expenses on spouse and inlaws. A family get together or a party may consume a part of your earnings. A change in home decors may bring a rise in expenses for the week. It may not be a favorable period to invest in land and property matters. There may be expenses related to tax and loan-related matters. Your inlaws may ask for monetary assistance. It may be the right time to clear all pending work related to money and finance and then move ahead with more shopping for the week. Health issues may bring a rise in your medical bills. Businessmen may have expenses related to business activities. Don’t expect a gain in terms of family property or business.


Be cautious while making new decisions related to your job. There may be sudden challenges along with excessive workload. It may not be a good week to start a new job or business deal. Legal matters related to your business may give you stress. Therefore, try and avoid any major changes in your business plans. Refrain from arguments with a business partner as it may bring losses or even break your partnership. Those in wholesale business may make important deals. Occult related business or career may get success. Be polite and humble while meeting or interacting with your colleague.

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