Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 24th October– 30th October 2021

Love and Relationships

Scorpio natives in romance may somewhat feel confused. There may have been some potential marriage plans floating around as of late and this may bring conflicting views with your parents thoughts. But you may easily resolve this in the coming days. You may need to seek an expert’s advice and clear the clouds of confusion as per weekly predictions. Singles may get well along with people whom they never thought they would gel well with. Do not discount their feelings as these people may know and love you. But if you are married, learn to listen to your intuition in the end..


For students opportunities, overseas travel, higher education and connections with important people may be highlighted for academic growth. Think deeply. Dig deeply. Ask the right questions. Just make sure the expansion confines itself to your horizons and doesn’t do any damage. Students may need to confirm education and learning are properly applied for a betterment to all. Some of you may enroll for a vocational subject. This may include astrology or occult sciences that may help you in all walks of life. Make sure you practice what you learn perfectly. This may enable you to improve your fortune easily.


Negative thoughts may disturb your mental peace for the week. It may be better to keep calm and remain stress-free. To achieve this, get yourself engaged in some creative work and do not allow unwanted thoughts to enter your mind. Make efforts to enhance your mental resilience. A tense mind may not allow you to concentrate on any work, but a relaxed mind may make you simultaneously feel calm and productive. Consume a fresh diet filled with protein and vitamin-rich elements. You may feel content and fit with your diet programs. Make sure you do not take anything lenient and below standard when it comes to health.


Wrong investments may bring some serious trouble. There may be a lot of ups and downs in your financial space.You may have plenty of money at hand and this may make you spend some on your shopping spree. There may be several productive purposes where you may utilize the money. Although due to negligence you may have chances of losing the money around the weekend. You may need to get patient until the money flows into your hand. In the meantime, you may need to remain tight fisted and avoid making financial decisions you may be doubtful about. Looking for an extra source of income may be really beneficial for you.


This week may give satisfaction and uplift you on the professional front. Patience may be required in abundance for the same. You may need to postpone your major decisions. However, shouldering additional responsibilities may put you in a state of worry. Work front may seem to be tedious but you may eventually benefit in the end. Students may find the week too expensive as they may incur education expenditure. Although, you may not need to worry for required funds as they may be somehow arranged from an unexpected quarter. Make sure you justify increasing costs by putting in required hard work.

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