Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 24th October– 30th October 2021

Love and Relationships

The initial part of the week may be very positive for most of you as it may give you a chance to express your rich and intense emotions. Your partner may reciprocate you and you may feel content to be with each other. Show your love and generosity to your partner and leave every toxic thought out of the relationship. The same principle may be followed in married life too. Most of you may be happy with this approach in life. If impatient singles remain reserved and wait until the weekend to make any confessions of their love and deep discussions, they may miss the bus. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to waste no time to propose to your partner.


The week predicts that students may get easily distracted and may not study according to set standards. It may be difficult to focus, but they may overcome these obstacles with their willpower and dedication. Students may need to give more time to academics and not get stressed. Learn to emphasize topics that may require more time for grasping. Constant attention and revision are vital to remaining motivated. Those pursuing home science may be affected however rest of the areas of specialization may not do well this week. Although those appearing for vivas and orals may do well only if they work on it.


Some natives may suffer from arthritis pain this week. You may require some massage therapy which may bring improvement in your fitness levels. The transit of Mars may be favorable and therefore you may be satisfied with your muscular power that may help to exercise and retain stamina. A new diet plan may prove beneficial to you. Try to maintain it in a balanced manner. Those undergoing treatment for dental care may have a good week as recovery may be fast.


A relocation or change of scenery may bring relief for you this week. You may feel stressed due to disputes and competition, the focus on earning may be very low. Work to minimize stress and focus on your own professional goals. An emergency may require money and time to redress. You may have to shell out money without a second thought. Use this opportunity for some self-assessment and truly take stock of your strengths and limitations. Replenish what may be required but this may need some money to be spent. Try avoiding the use of credit cards, as you may be in a spendthrift mode.


This may be a good week for most of you. Career and business progress may be interesting. The reward may commensurate your efforts, so make sure you just stay focused on your work. The week predicts you may adapt to situations in a more flexible way. Therefore, office workers may accomplish easily. You may also get ambitious with a tendency to lead. Do not make hasty moves or take big risks, especially in financial matters. Take your time and show persistence wherever necessary. Those who may have been planning to move from service into self-employment may need to make cautious moves lest you may pay a price for this.

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