Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 17th October– 23rd October 2021

Love and Relationships

In the love life, you may come closer to your partner, and your intense feelings rejuvenate your relationship. It is best for you to control the way you express feelings as everything that goes beyond the limits becomes tedious or annoying. There are chances of occurrence for irrational thoughts. If you are dating your partner for a long time, then you may propose to marry them. This may be a favorable time to talk with your beloved about marriage, and both are likely to decide immediately. If you are single, it is likely to be a good time to reach out to the person you care about.


You are suggested to avoid distractions that bring obstacles to your success. Some of you may need the power to overcome distractions. You may be interested in group studies at your friend’s place. You are suggested to learn smart and avoid stress. It is best for you to focus while studying. It may be a favorable week for students who are looking to go abroad for higher studies. If planning to appear for any competitive test, then you are likely to do well this week. Students are suggested to start making these decisions and start their preparations. This week may be a favorable time to get success from your hard work.


There are chances of some skin allergies that may put you in a difficult state. Rest easy, with some meditation, everything is likely to be under control. You are suggested to consult a dermatologist if you have skin problems and take the required medicines. It is best for you to maintain a balanced diet, as your intake of fluids may not be sufficient for you. You are suggested to seek the right diet plan to maintain fitness. Some travel plans may be initiated this week. However, this may be difficult to pursue, as you may not be in a position to maintain a good constitution to take up the travel.


Contracts or legal paperwork may require your attention this week. Some of you may find your living challenging due to misplaced paperwork. It is best for you to take advice from experts who are aware of your plan. Family matters involving your partner or sibling may complicate travel plans or even cancel them. It is best for you to be careful with valuables and avoid lending items to whom you do not fully trust. You may not recover this income from any corner. You are suggested to avoid investing money on a short term basis. You may pay a huge price for this, and the same is likely to affect your regular flow of income.


It is best for you to control your temper and avoid arguments with colleagues and seniors as it may also lead to differences of opinion. This may cause problems at your workplace. Of course, your politeness may help you to earn points if you plan your work correctly. It is best for you to maintain good temperament. If planning to start your business, then this is likely to be a favorable time for you. There are chances of new and long-term assignments to come up. You may feel happy with the same. It is best for you to follow a schedule and feel more confident about the future.

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