Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 10th October– 16th October 2021

Love and Relationships

You may need to be careful to maintain a balance in your relationship this week. You may be able to express your feelings without limits, and you might sometimes exaggerate the same to your partner. This may not be in good taste. Also, this may suffocate your partner and invade their personal space. Those who may be newly married may need to maintain the distance that may allow half a degree of independence. After all, it may be what you may be longing for. Make plans for the weekend on time, to make the most of those days. A short trip to a nearby location may be relaxing for you.


The week may demand students to work harder. You may need to focus on your academics to learn better. Ganesha advises you to ask your family and friends to help you in academics. Being better prepared may help you to fare better. Those planning to pursue music may have to wait for some time before finding a good tutor. Those pursuing a bachelor’s degree may need to pay attention in class and take meticulous notes for the week. Students may need to work hard, steer clear from distractions to score well in examinations. Take a mock test to understand your preparations.


Some Sagittarius natives may need to take care of their genital area this week. Itching or allergy may become a common problem for males of this zodiac sign. At the same time, females may have menstrual issues around the week. Any delay may be misconstrued to be serious, however, a general check-up may turn out to be beneficial. Some natives may face sleep disorders around midweek. This may need attention, where one could read some books before going off to bed. Ensure you do some mental exercises before hitting the bed.


In terms of money and finance, you may be reserved, as you may get tempted to make risky moves during the week. Rewards may come your way in the form of material gains. So exercise patience for the moment. Take this as an affirmation of your worth and hard work. Businessmen may too have the same feeling. Kind work and dividends may come in at a faster pace. You may look for a bonus or raise in the near future. But to earn the same, you may have to work hard to the core. Keep away from lending money without sufficient cause.


A wonderful period for careers for Capricorn natives. You may now need to take advantage of your social acquaintances in order to promote your work. Some of you may have a tendency to be likable to others which may work to your benefit. But make sure you don’t rely too much on anyone as this may make them feel burdened. Engage in talks and contacts using your inherent politeness and dynamism at the same time. You may start a new venture this week. Ganesha advises you to inaugurate it on an auspicious day. This may enhance your gains and luck factor. You may feel content with your career progress.

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