Reincarnation is Recycling – An Encounter with my Energy

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I was lying on my bed, about to lose myself in the world of dreams, but I couldn’t. I started to wonder what life is after death, the exact meaning of life after death. I thought for about an hour, why am I alive? What happens to my memories, my anxiety, the lost dreams, and those happy moments? 


The Death – Encountering the Soul

Our bodies are so near, my breath mingling in the tension, the expectation, and stimulation. Though I’ve never questioned you, my own heart is full of panic, an anxiety of a known refusal. 

Your body is shapeless; my body doesn’t have a beat. Perhaps you are a soul – a formless energy, and I am a mere blend of protons, electrons, neutrons, and atoms.

I am excited, thrilled, uneasy, and tormented. I have questions.

Am I dead? Do I have to live another physical life? Does reincarnation exist? What are emotions, and why do/did I’ve so many of them in the last one hour?

My head shakes in denial after the first question and nods after the second.

I am perplexed. Has my mind lost it? A soul sitting outside my body, responding to my questions, using my senses?  

The energy carries me to the laptop and answers my questions.


Life is just a training course, and if you fail in one life to complete the training, you live another physical life.

Before this life, there were other challenges, and after this one, there will be more, and then we will face the ultimate prize, the unknown. Emotions, love, hate, sadness are the soul’s response to stimuli. A plant’s primary response to stimuli in its environment is to change how it is growing. For instance, plant roots grow toward Earth’s gravity. Similarly, when your soul, your energy, is flared, you get angry; when your energy is submerged, you are sad. 

Reincarnation! Ha!

Here is a plant with its numerous components. It has branches and leaves, roots, a trunk, and bark. The leaves in the autumn turn from lush green to brown. As the weather grows cooler, they hit the ground.

First, one brown leaf will fall and then many more, as leaves become leaf litter on the forest floor.

Who’ll clean up this mess? What shall we do? Here come nature’s clean-up crew, nature’s natural recyclers. The slippery slug is here, a snail with no shell. It cleans floors of lawns, gardens, and forests as well. You will also find a worm. What does it do? It digs the leaves and chews them up too. 

What happens to these leaves when they are consumed? They are nutrients for insects and bugs. They are a source of ‘energy.’ The basic forms of matter that made that leaf in the first place are now rearranged inside a bug’s belly. They’ll be rearranged again when the bug dies. 

So, What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is nature’s way of recycling, and yes! It exists. All forms of energy go through birth, life, death, and rebirth, including the soul. 

You cannot kill protons, neutrons, atoms, and electrons. When someone dies, the basic form of matter merely rearranges itself.

The basic units of life do not die but change form and reorganize themselves. These structural life units do not become old and are timeless and ageless.

Since energy and matter may change form but are neither destroyed nor created, it means that we will always be around in some form or shape. 

So, will you be rearranged as a human again? Your Karma is coded in your energy, and only this code can decode your future, your next life! Living with a good Karma is the biggest challenge in your life, and if you fulfill this test, you will be taken to the ‘unknown.’

Emotions, love, hate, sadness, as mentioned above, are the soul’s response to stimuli. However, your response to your emotions will decide your next life. Reincarnation is nature’s way of recycling, and your Karma will determine what you will become next. 


Your Soul

I wake up puzzled, bewildered, scared. I still have questions. Did my soul speak to me? What is ‘unknown?? ??’ How to decode the Karmic code??? What is…How the…???

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