Pisces Weekly Horoscope 24th October– 30th October 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may give you mixed results in terms of love and marriage. The health of your spouse may be needed to be taken care of. Excessive workload may bring some communication gap or lack emotional support in your relationships. Try to strike the chord between your personal and professional life. You may plan a small get together with inlaws and an elder who may play a vital role in harmonizing your relationships. This may also be a support for maintaining peace in your marital life. Financial aid from your spouse may be indicated for the week. Singles may get good marriage proposals from their native place.


The week may bring average results in studies as health issues may break the study chain. You may have to change your residence because of admission to new courses. There may be success in higher and research-related studies. Success in the examination and project-related matters may be indicated. Stress may bring up some health challenges. Meditation and exercises may help to enhance concentration levels. There may be indications for overseas study and success related to law career or education for the week. Some students may get inclined to enroll in fashion-related courses. Those interested in subjects related to religion and astrology may go in for the same.


Spend quality time with family and friends to maintain good health parameters. Ganesha advises you to take a break from your busy schedule to relax and be with yourself. However, you may need to get cautious while traveling. Make sure you limit your vehicle speed to avoid mishaps. Prolonged diseases may bring challenging situations around the week. Natives suffering from migraine pain may get affected. Ensure you take sufficient amounts of water intakes along with a nutritious diet to remain healthy. Harbor positive thoughts and read motivational books. Refrain from office politics as it may pave the way for a healthy and peaceful mind.


An average week for financial gains with some unplanned expenses on family and friends. Try to refrain from hasty decisions related to loans and financial investments in new business projects. There may be indications of expenses on the domestic front. An overseas trip or long-distance traveling may consume a part of your income. Businessmen may spend on business-related activities. Expenditure on spouses or inlaws may be indicated. You may make disbursements on electronic gadgets. Parties and get together may bring a rise in your expenses. Changing home decors may consume a part of your income for the week.


Plan your priorities for the week. You may have a busy schedule. Try and maintain a harmonious conversation with your colleague and seniors as it may help you in the future. There may be a sudden trip to an overseas land due to work-related matters. You may get stressed because of a hectic work schedule. Make sure to be a part of an important meeting that may take place at your workplace. Try and remain committed to your partner. Businessmen may get excellent overseas proposals. A past friend may come to your aid in business matters. Unplanned short distance traveling related to the business may be foreseen for the week.

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