Pisces Weekly Horoscope 10th October– 16th October 2021

Love and Relationships

The week may be average in marriage relationships. Time constraints may develop challenging situations with your spouse. Miscommunication or gaps in love and romance may give you stress. Try not to command or overburden your partner. Give them space and plan a small trip with them to resolve matters. This may help to rekindle love and understanding into the relationship. There may be a developing distance relationship for some Pisces natives. You may receive financial aid from your spouse. Children may play an important role in your marriage life.


There may be success in higher studies and research related work. You may get a breakthrough with the help of hard work and determination. Try to develop a positive attitude towards studies. Some students may carve a niche for themselves in not only examinations but also projects. Your mentors may come to your aid. Luck may favor you as you may successfully move ahead in distance learning programs. Short term skill enhancement courses may help in reframing your abilities. There may be challenges in group study so it may get advisable not to get into unnecessary arguments that may bring stress and disturbance in your learning path.


Maintain hygiene especially while traveling lest it may bring some health challenges around the period. You may feel stressed due to excessive workload which may give you strain and headache. Stomach disorders may be indicated due to digestion problems. Loneliness may shoot up stress levels. There may be several health challenges as a weak immune system and stress may make you susceptible to ailments. Proper intake of water and regular exercises may help you to keep fit and fine. Make a change in your diet chart and adhere to regular workouts to maintain good physical and mental health.


You may not be able to save enough for the week. Try to work on your priority to set aside a financial crunch. Refrain from lending or borrowing money from an unknown person. There may be expenses related to government-related work. Health may bring up some expenses. It may not be a suitable time to invest in any major property related deals. You may spend on enrolling for new courses. Medical bills may rise.


The week may bring some positive changes for you as you may get relief from the workload and financial matters. There might be good news regarding your job probably about a promotion. Those in fashion or interior design may need to get very attentive about their work. They may get a sudden business proposal. You may get support from seniors at the workplace. There may be rising expenses on the domestic front related to electricity or change of residence due to business-related work. Those in the construction business may need to refrain from making any major investments in overseas deals. Be ready to have some travel related to work.

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