MoU signed to promote quality material for medicinal plants


The National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) has joined hands with the CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR-IHBT), in Himachal Pradesh’s Palampur, to promote the production of quality planting material of medicinal plants.

The two organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate the development of Quality Planting Material (QPM) of medicinal plants and herbs identified by NMPB and help in the establishment of their nurseries for QPM development, promotion, conservation and cultivation of the appropriate medicinal plants in different agro-climatic zones, including the Rare Endangered Threatened (RET) species and those growing in high-altitude regions.

The CSIR-IHBT will also undertake research on mass multiplication and agro-technology development while the NMPB, through its implementing agencies i.e. State Medicinal Plant Boards, State AYUSH societies, State Horticulture Departments and Regional-cum-Facilitation Centres across India, will support projects related to QPM Development.

The NMPB works towards supporting policies and programmes for the growth of trade, export, conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants.

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