Libra Weekly Horoscope 3rd October– 9th October 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may give you a sense of responsibility as you may raise your head and rise beyond the fear when it comes to moving forward in taking the right step. You may have seemed to be afraid of committing to your partner, which had bothered the person for a long time. But the week may slash through all the doubts and sustain your partner’s trust and love. This may prove a turning point in your life as loyalty and passion may increase between both of you. You may spend more time together as you find a friend in your lover. This may help to mold your relationship beautifully.


Most natives may need to forget their inhibitions and push their boundaries to learn something new. Surpass the expectations to succeed in your academic endeavors. Stop doubting yourself or your abilities and get enrolled in a professional course to gain more knowledge. Prepare a list of goals you wish to achieve during the week and move ahead as success may be destined. Work hard, have patience and perseverance towards your goals. Invest your focus and energy in studying hard for your entrance examinations. Don’t forget to take a break for recreational activities but ensure you don’t get carried away by them as it may seriously hamper your goals.


It may not be a good week in terms of your health. You may suffer from various ailments due to negligence. This planetary placement may not be favorable for your health so make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle . Regular exercises may help you to remain fit and fine. However, you may move towards a recovery around midweek. Those struggling with obesity issues may need to consult a doctor as problems may arise. It may get necessary for Libra natives not to ignore the slightest of health problems this week or ingest medicine without consulting a doctor.


The first week of October may churn out mixed results in your economic life. Besides having unwanted expenses you may gain monetary profits from several sources on the other. Although, in the initial part of the week you may get stuck in a financial dispute. But the situation may not be that bad as you may think it to be. The period may help you to accumulate a considerable amount of wealth. Libra businessmen may need to invest money bearing their name but another person’s identity. An auspicious ceremony may be indicated at your home during the week.


In terms of a career, you may achieve favorable results in the coming few days. Especially when the week starts, new ideas and career planning may turn your life fruitful. There may be several ups and downs throughout this period, but you may succeed in overcoming them by using your abilities and connecting with a new business venture. It may be a good time to try your hand at managing a business as the week may bring good opportunities for you. Those desirous of starting a new business set up with a friend, may not delay the idea any further as you may attain success.

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