Libra Weekly Horoscope 10th October– 16th October 2021

Love and Relationships

As per the week, it may be recommended for you to give enough space to your partner and understand what they want or you are going through. Do not poke your nose unnecessarily and let them handle things accordingly. An old relationship you were in may come to an end, however, a new one may start as well. In case you fall into a new relationship, make sure you don’t make the same mistake and learn from the past. Understand your partner and support them in every case. On the contrary, love and romance may bloom, and you both may connect emotionally. You both may communicate more and share your thoughts.


Most natives are likely to attain desired results as the week predicts. Your hard work and efforts may bear sweet fruits of success. You may be honored amongst your peers in the academic field. This may further enhance your sense of determination and self-confidence which may help you to surpass your doubts and perform exceptionally well. Natives pursuing education in the fields of hardware and electronics, company secretary, law, and social service may attain great success. Your career graph may soar to great heights which may bring pride and reputation for the family.


This week is expected to be good healthwise. You may prefer staying alone and develop yourself mentally which may work in your favor. You may make an effort to keep yourself fit by planning a schedule and diet chart. During this period make sure you include exercise and yoga in your routine. The week may end on a positive note. There may be favorable changes in your health during this time. You may also join a gym. It may be a good period as per health perspectives, but stress and work pressure may hamper your health. Therefore, you may need to avoid overthinking and practice patience.


Some natives may face financial problems this week. There may be ups and downs in your financial life. Despite this, you may earn and accumulate a lot this year. Avoid spending too much on people closer to you out of emotions as your budget may get disturbed. The week may make some of you financially strong and you may benefit from an investment made earlier. However, in the remaining months of the week, you may make efforts to earn enough money. Businessmen of this zodiac sign may need to plan a budget to incur desirable profits.


In the initial part of the week, you may have some doubts in your mind as to how changes may deliberate in your life. As the week moves ahead you may get desired fruits in your work field. You may get focused on work which may help you to perform well. Your pace of work may surprise your colleagues at the same time. You are likely to gain appreciation and praise in your work. Your unparalleled performance may need to be credited for this. Some natives of this zodiac sign may start their own work after consulting experienced people.

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